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Tag Archive for ‘Pets’

Meet Penny

Meet Jewel

Welcome to the family, Penny!

Penny is the newest addition to our family of pets. She is a mix of Chihuahua, Fox Terrier and Yorkie.  Just three years old, she is a bouncy ball of energy as well as a snuggle bunny.  She is quickly becoming my little shadow following me everywhere and snuggling next to me every chance she gets.  The prince of the house, otherwise known as Buster, seems non plussed by this new arrival and tolerates her presence.  I have noticed that Penny’s interest in his chew  toys has made Buster more interested in playing with his toys.  Buster has been far more active than usual and I’m so happy to see him interacting with his toys and with Penny.

So far, Penny has not displayed the same adversion to the camera as every other dog I’ve owned. I’m already behind post processing photos of this cutie-pie and have several snippets of video of her playing with her favorite ball. Here is one made a day or two after I adopted her. She has an exhuberant way to play fetch:

I missed having my little shadow follow me around and Tiny will always have a place in my heart.  Penny has her own personality quirks that are slowly manifesting as she adjusts to her new home; but one thing is clear, this is her forever home.

Welcome Penny!


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Post #Nemo Snow Photos

2-3 inches of snow fell overnight in Philly courtesy of Nemo. This morning I gathered Buster for a long walk in Pennypack Park near Fox Chase Farm and snapped a few photos as well.

Enjoy the snowy wonderland goodness of the park.


Shelter from #Nemo



Yes Virginia Dogs Can Drive

Passengers no more. Shelter dogs pass doggie driving test. 
Instagram Buster

I just don’t see Buster begging for his driver’s license anytime soon. Which is a good thing, with Buster’s obsession with chasing SEPTA buses when we are out for a walk, I’d hate to see him behind the wheel of a car when one should pass by.


Saving Sage

How Could You Not Help The Adorable Mug..and His Dog Too!

How Could You Not Help The Adorable Mug..and His Dog Too!

My friend Jean emailed this request to me and I am asking for your help in bringing Sage safely home. Please help Sage by donating funds to bring her home.

I’d like to introduce you to Sage and Lcpl Werner, their photo is attached to this email:

Lance Corporal Alex Werner lives in Milford, PA. He is the 2nd of four children. He joined the Marine Corps right out of high school, and chose to be a combat engineer since he’d always enjoyed construction, as well as destruction – ie bombs and blowing things up with them. One night while on a mission with his platoon in Iraq, Lcpl Werner’s vehicle rounded a corner and a dog ran out in front of them. The dog was killed, leaving behind a puppy who was on the side of the road. Lcpl Werner heard her crying and caught her (not an easy task he says). From that moment on, she has been with Lcpl Werner and the rest of the Marines of his platoon, being loved on by them and, according to Major Kleber’s telling, carried everywhere by them. The men have named the dog Sage. She is being showered with love and affection and toys that have been sent in care packages.

SPCA International has agreed to assist with transporting Sage back to the US from Iraq. Due to operational movements, it may be necessary to bring her home very soon. The cost of bring a dog from Iraq is over $7,000. SPCA International covers the majority of the costs, but requires the service member to provide at least $1,000 towards the cost of his own pup’s transport.

I am asking that everyone consider giving a gift to SPCA International to help get Sage home where she will live with Lcpl Werner upon his return from Iraq. If everyone gives just $10.00-$25.00 each, we can easily raise the $1,000 required to get Sage home and help take that burden off of Lcpl Werner.

Donations can be made multiple ways. Checks can be sent to SPCA International

Operation Baghdad Pups Program

P.O. Box 1230

Washington, DC  20013

The memo line should read “Operation Baghdad Pups – Sage”

Credit card donations can also be made on the website SPCAI

If you would prefer to purchase items that will be used to bring Sage home, such as her crate, please get in touch with me and I will get you a list of items that need to be purchased for her.


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Farewell Polar

Polar, originally uploaded by skye820.


“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know
evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog
on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back
in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–
it was peace.” – Milan Kundera


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Le Pouffy Dog

Every bit as stylish and cultured as her owner:

H/T: Neocon


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Rescue Update

McCain, the newest addition to the family is settling in just fine. It is a joy to have the opportunity to give this dog a forever home. He quickly adjusted to the routine I had established for Tiny. At home, he is my shadow always looking for an ear scratch or a chance to play tug-o-war with his rope. Why anyone would abandon this dog is mystifying. Must be one of the effects of the devastating economic environment we are all living in.

I plan to have him microchipped – he will never be lost again. 

Tiny, however, is busy showing McCain who is top dog. I’m seeing sides of this dog that I’ve never seen before. Who knew under all the adorable layers of fluffiness lurked Cujo! Lately, she is has become a bully, snapping at the new dog in order to steal his toys. 

However, her fluffy cuteness lends itself to her getting away with it! Luckily for her, McCain is quite the gentleman and lets her steal his toys. 


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Rescue Me

Rescue Me, originally uploaded by skye820.

Yesterday while taking Tiny to her vet visit, I was introduced to this handsome fellow who was in dire need of a good home.

A good Samaritan rescued this lovable mug from certain death after being caught between lanes of a busy highway.

He had no collar, no microchip and no name. The staff at the vet’s office took to calling him “Mayo”. I’m not feeling that name and would like your help in choosing a name for this lucky fellow.


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My Name is Luka

Galgos – the Spanish term for a racing greyhound.

The above video depicts the potential fate of many racing/hunting greyhounds in Spain, Ireland and the United States. Dog racing, a sport glamorized by Matt Damon’s breakout film ‘Good Will Hunting’, has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dogs being abused, mutilated then killed when they no longer have any intrinsic value at the racetrack.

The dog featured in the video, Lucas (Luka), was hung at the end of the hunting season in Spain – he managed to break the chain, despite being hung with his feet barely touching the ground. This is how they do it in Spain, for “good luck” – but not for the dog!

Hanging is an economical way to dispatch greyhounds when their value to the hunters or the racetrack is negligable. Rope is cheap and reusable – a common game among the dog handlers in Spain is to bet on how long it will take for the dog to die after it is hung.


What struck me most about this video is the connection it makes between animal abuse and human violence. In a 2005 review of research, published by The Forensic Examiner, the following statement is made: “The literature suggests that animal cruelty is not uncommon among children and may be associated with certain family and child factors, as well as adult criminal behavior.”

You can read more about the plight of the Galgos in Spain HERE

You can help by supporting NGAP (National Greyhound Adoption Program)

Without the help of organizations like NGAP and people like you, Polar would have become another sad statistic of the dog racing industry. Polar thanks you for your attention to this matter.


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Cutest Pom EVER…and other issues.

It is safe to say, my Poofy Dog is the cutest Pom in the world – way cuter than that polarbear named Flocke:

My, how my hydroponic garden grows. The photo taken was today – 02/23/2008. This garden was set up on 01/31/2008 with a defective lamp hood. The company, AeroGrow International, was quick to resolve the problem and send me a replacement lamp hood and extra lamps. The maintenance done so far – outside of changing the lamp hood – was to add more water and two nutrition tablets. Fresh herbs and vegetables on your countertop – a dream for inner city residents such as myself. I can’t wait for the plants to mature – I’ve got culinary plans for all them.

Kevin Ferris, editor of the editorial pages for the Philadelphia Inquirer, pens yet another fabulous edition to his Back Channels column. This is a must read, folks.

Watch the video, then sign the petition!

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