The Devilish Sex Goddess Part III

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
The Devilish Sex Goddess Part III

I've been controlled by an evil woman for the past 10 years, and suddenly now I'm alone with her beautiful innocent /daughter/">daughter who is going to be my /slave/sex-slave/">sex slave for the next month - I really can't help turning myself into a beast. I pinned her to my bed, and handcuffed her to the bed, opened her legs and took out my giant rock-/hard/hard-cock/">hard cock.

"Welcome to the firm, Caitlin," I said as I positioned my cock at the tip of the pussy of my "intern", "did your mom explain to you your duty for the next month?"

"Yes, she did ..." Caitlin replied as she looked away. Her /cute/">cute face blushing like a cherry.

"So what is it?" I asked as I pushed my penis slightly forward, splitting Caitlin's pussy lips a little bit with the tip of my cock. A little moan came out as Caitlin bites her lips.

"To ... to serve you as your personal sex slave and ... please you with my body ... mmm ..." Caitlin closed her eyes and moaned again as I circle the tip of my cock against her pussy lips.

"Then why have you been avoiding looking at me the whole time?" I turned her head back up and starred into her eyes. God they are so beautiful, yet I can sense a bit of nervousness. "Are you not willing to serve me?"

"Oh no! I promised mom I'll do my job. It's just ..." Caitlin's voice started trembling and her eyes started to look a bit wet.

As I pushed my cock a bit further in, I can feel Caitlin's pussy wall tensed up against my rock hard cock. Half way through I can already feel the difference - her mom's pussy's been used by so many men for so many years and it's lost a lot of its tightness. Caitlin's 18-year old pussy is fresh, tender, and tight!

"It's just, what?" I keep starring at Caitlin's beautiful eyes as I tried to push in a bit further, but Caitlin's pussy's so tight and still dry she let out a little scream.

"I'm still a virgin!" as Caitlin yelled out after her cute little scream, tears started coming down her face. "I bokep sma pecah perawan wanted to do it with my boyfriend so many times but I promised my mom I'll offer it to you ..."

Before this I was taking it slow, thinking that I'll take my time to enjoy my first intercourse with my little angel. Now knowing that Caitlin's a virgin turns me into a horny beast!

Meghan, whom old waman xxxgx my dad calls "the devilish woman," has been using her body to control me for the last 10 years. She's gained more and more power in my company as she let me use her body for pleasure. Every drop of /semen/">semen I put in her came at a price. Slowly I'm losing control of my company and myself as I'm reduced to a worshiper to the devilish sex goddess.

This is the time I take back control. Maybe not my company, but at least the young and delicious body of the 18-year old Caitlin, the beautiful innocent daughter of the sex goddess!

I wrapped my left arm around Caitlin's waist, my right hand continuing to rub and squeeze her 36'D boobs. I slowly licked her tears dry and then whisper next to her ear, "forget your boyfriend, you're my personal sex slave now, mine!"

"Mine!" I yelled as I lifted my head in the air, and with one strong thrust I pushed my cock right against Caitlin's hymen.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh ..." surprised by my sudden change of pace, Caitlin let out a painful screen. Her whole body tensed up as she struggled to look away from me.

"Mine!" After pulling out slowly, I delivered another strong thrust while turning Caitlin's face towards me again. Clearly in pain, she let out another scream.

"Oh please be gentle ... you can use me for whatever you want for the whole month ... but please be gentle this is my first ..." she said as I was pulling out slowly again.

"Mine!!!" before my little sex slave could finish, I covered her mouth with my right hand and held her body tight with my left, I swung my body forward for the strongest thrust yet, breaking her hymen with my 8.5 inch dick that's been starving for sex since Meghan left to serve as a client's sex slave in his house.

I pulled back halfway and pushed hard again. Now my penis is entirely wrapped inside Caitlin's virgin pussy. Even though my hand's still covering her mouth, Caitlin's clearly screaming in pain.

"Oh god ... ahhhhhhh ... you're so big ... ahhhhhhh ..." Caitlin tried to speak, but clearly out of breathe. I'm now frantically kissing and licking her neck, "hemmm ... your /blonde/">blonde hair smells so nice ... hemmmmmm ..." moving my cock up and down quickly inside her pussy, I started moaning in pleasure.

"Oh god ... ahh ... so big ... ahhhhhh ..." Caitlin continued to moan in her /sweet/">sweet voice as I continued to fuck her tiny pussy, which is now clearly wet as her body began responding to sudden intrusion.

I pulled out slowly again and then delivered another strong thrust. This time, Caitlin let out a loud moan instead. Her pain is subsiding as her young body is getting used to getting fucked by my 8.5 inch manhood.

I pulled up Caitlin's legs and put them over my shoulders. I started fucking her hard in rhythm, and with each thrust her moan is getting longer and louder.

"Hemmmmmmmmmmm ... ahhhhhhhhh ... hemmmmmmmmm ..." Caitlin began to move her hip in rhythm with my thrust, "ahhhhhh ... oh my god ... you're so big, fuck me Sebatian, fuck me!!!"

Caitlin's legs are now wrapped around my waist. As I continued to fuck rhythmically, I looked down and started to realize the situation. Under me is an 18-year old /girl/blonde-girl/">blonde girl, handcuffed to the bedpost of my office's sex room, her tanned and tight body covered in sweat, her /legs/sexy-legs/">sexy legs wrapped around my waist as I fucked her juicy pussy right above the spot where the white bed sheet is now covered in blood when I broke her hymen.

I felt like my cock's grown another inch as the situation turned me out of control. I started pumping harder and harder. Caitlin's pussy contracted as her legs were wrapping around me tighter and tighter. I leaned forward and began kissing her soft sweet lips.

She continued moaning as I slipped my tongue into her mouth, she kissed back as I moved my hands around her body. Her boobs, her ass, her legs. Every part of her body is young and tight, and every inch of her skin is soft and smooth.

After fucking her mom for 10 years, now I can almost feel the taste of a delicious blossoming 18-year-old female body. And better yet, a body that's going to be mine and mine alone for the next 30 days!

Oh I can wait another 30 seconds. I leaned forward and pulled Caitlin's body close to mine with both hands around her back, I rest my head on her shoulder and whisper in her ear, "Caitlin, tell me again what you're here for?"

Now totally out of breathe, the beautiful 18-year old "intern" responded in her sweet but somewhat horny voice, "Hemmmm ... I'm here ... as your personal sex slave ... hemmmmm ... I'm here to please you ... with ... hemmmm ... my ... ahhhhhhh ... body ... ahhhhhh!!!"

Just as she finished saying it, I held her body close and began pumping my cock as hard as I could, shooting every single drop of /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum into my little sex slave's virgin pussy.