Opportunities opened

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Opportunities opened

This is not a tue story.

I had been working at this casino in Las Vegas, and there was this one cocktail waitress there who was incredibly

She was about five foot seven, with firm breasts the size of honey dew melons. She had the sexiest, bubbly ass I?ve
ever seen, terminating in long, bowed legs. Her face was like that of an angel, topped with long, full bodied
auburn hair that reached to the middle of her back.

I wanted to fuck her so /bad/">bad, in the worst possible way. There was only one problem. She was such a bitch and I
could hardly stand her.

One day while I was cleaning up in a back area of the bar, I was bent over picking something up, when I felt
someone grab my ass. Surprised I straightened up and looked around and there she stood with a big grin on her

Furious, I growled pointing at her, ?That?s sexual harassment.? 

?When opportunity knocks.? was her unrepentant reply. She flashed me a wicked grin, and a wink, then she
turned and walked away.

I was pissed, and yet another part of me was like ?hey you dumb ass, here?s the chance you?ve been waiting for,
and your letting it get away.?

I heard someone chuckling behind me, angry I turned around and said ?What are you laughing at??

?Boy,? he said smiling and shaking his head, ?don?t let a chance like that pass you up.?

?But I can?t stand her, she?s such a bitch.?

?I see the way you?ve been looking at her. Trust me don?t let this chance pass you bye.?

?I don?t know. Believe me, a part of me wants to take her, bend her over this counter and fuck the shit out of her,

?Go for it man,? he said with a big grin, ?you wont be sorry.?

I was still flushed with anger and yet I was incredibly turned on. I decided to play her little game and call her
bluff. .

?Ah what the hell,? I said, ?cover me will ya, this could take a while.?

?Don?t worry. You go on ahead and have a good time. But I want to hear all the details later.?

?All right, I?ll see you in an hour or so

?I?m going to fuck the sass out of her.? I thought to myself

I went searching for her and found her in a deserted hallway, bent over, revealing her thong panties in the crack of
that /sweet/sweet-ass/">sweet ass I had been dreaming about ever since I laid eyes on her, complete with a pair of /pantyhose/sexy-pantyhose/">sexy pantyhose, like
the kind that?s like a garter indian santali xvideo belt and stockings all in one. I thought my cock was going to rip a hole in my pants it
was so hard

Very quietly I came up behind her, and pressed the bulge in my pants right up against her crotch and wrapped my
arms around her waist. She straightened up, pressing back against me. I could feel the heat of her pussy through
her panties. The smell of her perfume was intoxicating.

I nibbled and sucked on her neck, then I whispered in her ear, ?The door to opportunity just opened,? 

?I thought you would never come,? she breathed in a barely audible whisper.

She was moaning and grinding her hips back against the lump in my pants. Her face flush with passion.

?Come on,? she said as she regained her composure. She took my hand in hers, and led me to a bank of elevators,
and we quickly got in. Once inside she turned to me, pressing her body against me, and wrapping her arms around
my neck, giving me an incredibly impassioned kiss. My hands roamed down her back to those incredible globes,
and kneaded and squeezed them. Than she took her right hand, and moved it down to the front of my pants and
gently rubbed and caressed the bulge that was there.

?My god, ? she gasped, ? your bigger than I thought.? 

Just then the doors opened, and smiling she led me down the hall. We stopped at a door and she pulled out a key,
and opened it, pulling me in after her. She secured the door, and then led me to the bedroom suite.

Wordlessly she began to undress me. Unbuttoning my shirt, taking it off than throwing it to the side.

At the same time I undid the simple cloth belt around her waist, dropped it and slipped her uniform up and over
her head, letting out an audible gasp at what I saw.

?Like what you see, hmm?? she smiled at me.

All I could do was gulp and nod my head in response. All she had on underneath were her panties and pantyhose. 
Her breasts proudly stood up on there own. Unbelievably perfect.

She began nibbling on my nipples, and running her hands over my chest and stomach, sending little thrills through
me. Ever so slowly she, nipped, and licked her way down, till she finally got to her knees, undoing my belt,
unbuttoning my pants, and unzipping my fly.

I kicked my shoes off as she started pulling my pants off, shrugging them off, and throwing them to the side.

?Mmm, ? she moaned, and than I felt her mouth cover my cock head through my underwear.

?Mmm, I?m going to suck this real good.? she said as she pulled my underwear down and off, taking my cock in
her hands to steady it while her tongue did a little dance around the head, making its way to the sensitive
underside, than alain lyle porn licking up and down the long thick shaft. 

Working her way slowly up, my breathing coming quick and ragged in anticipation, I watched as she slowly took
the large bulbous head into her mouth, working her way down the entire ten inches, until my pubes were /tickling/">tickling
her nose, and than she just held me there. 

She had a wicked glint in her eyes, and I was beginning to wonder what she was going to do. Nothing could
prepare me for what I felt next. All of a sudden, I felt her throat muscles contracting and massaging the head of
my cock. I threw my head back and cried out and moaned in delight.

Slowly she came back up and pulled my cock out and looked up at me with a smile.

?You liked that hmm?? she giggled, while her hands stroked up and down my shaft

?God that was incredible.?

She giggled a little more and than I watched, moaning, as my cock disappeared into that luscious, sensuous mouth

Up and down, and up and down she went using her mouth and tongue in unison, pumping with one hand while the
other played with my balls.

After the fifth repetition she took it all the way down again just holding me in the back of her throat like before. 
Than she started working those muscles again, making me cry out in pleasure.

After five minutes of this my legs started to feel like rubber, and my knees felt like the weren?t going to hold up
much longer.

?Why don?t you lay down before you collapse.?

Still holding onto my dick with she gently pushed me onto the bed. Languidly, like a cat she crawled up my body,
nipping and licking her way up until she got to my ear, stroking my cock all the while.

?I?m going to make you cum like you?ve never cum before,? she whispered. Than ever so slowly she worked her
way back down to my cock, my breathing coming harder and harder. 

Bending down, and arching her back, her ass sticking up in the air, she began licking my cock again. Finally she
put in her mouth, driving me insane with her slow rhythmic motions. Up and down she went. Five times like 
before, holding me at the back of her throat, and performing her little magic around the head

?Oh my god, that feels so good,? I moaned, ?God that feels so fucking good.?

Chuckling she began again. Up and down, up and down, always stooping on the fifth down stroke to work her
throat on my tingling cockhead.

On and on she went, working me for fifteen minutes, drawing out my impending /ejaculation/">ejaculation.

Finally I couldn?t take it anymore.

?Oh god baby make me cum,? I groaned in agony, ?please make me cum. Put me out of my misery.?

She pulled it out of her mouth and blew her warm, /sweet/">sweet breath on it, stroking it with her soft little hands.

?Do you want to cum,? she teased.


?Do you want me to make you cum??

?PLEASE!!? I cried out in agony.

As I watched her, my eyes pleading , my cock disappeared one last time down that incredible throat

I was on the verge of cumming, when I felt her finger pushing into my anus. Her probing finger found my
perineum, and began massaging it. It felt like my whole body was going to explode, when the most intense orgasm
I ever felt wracked through me.

Jet after jet of my /cum/hot-cum/hot-cum-shot/">hot cum shot down her throat. She was sucking it out of my cock like it were a straw. Her hands
milking out every last drop.

?Mmm,? she mewed as she licked me clean ?so sweet, so creamy.?

Slowly she worked her way up my body, kissing and licking all the way, giving me a long, passionate kiss.

?How did you like that??

?I?ve never felt anything like that in my life,? I said trying to catch my breath, as my hands found her ass cheeks
and squeezed them , ?I don?t think I?ve ever cum so hard and so much in my whole life.

?I told you,? she said giggling.

And than we just held each other for a minute till I caught my breath.

After about five minutes I had recovered, and my dick was already starting to get hard again from her panty
covered slit rubbing against it. I looked her in the eyes and flashed her my own wicked little grin.

She smiled at me moving her hips back and forth. 

Wrapping my arms around her waist, I turned her over, and began kneading and licking those perfect melons. She
started moaning in purring in pleasure, her body getting more and more excited.

I licked my way down her body, stopping at her flat stomach, swirling my tongue around her belly button, inching
my way down just to the waist band of her panties, teasing her.