The Bosses Secretary

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The Bosses Secretary

I was 26 and married when I joined the company after coming from a large multi-national manufacturing company, with a good salary, and prospects of promotion. But I was attracted by the advert, and after attending for interview I was offered the job of Works Manager and the promise of a Directorship should I succeed in saving the company from collapse. My first look at the problems that faced me, almost xxx convinced me I should turn around and go back to my old job. But I like a challenge, and I certainly liked the owners attitude. It would as well enable me to prove to myself that I had the ability to succeed on my own merits.

My wife was totally against my taking this job so that convinced me and as usual started to nag me. Her nagging convinced me that I was doing the right thing in taking the job and also leaving her at the same time and making a new start. We had no children and she had a good job. So I decided to pack my bags and move on, with no regrets. It was her negative attitude towards me and my career that convinced me that my wife and I were incompatible. So it was not a hard decision for me to pack my bags and say goodbye.

My new boss Paul Raven was in his mid thirties, married with two daughters and like myself was also a passionate car lover. During my employment interview we got into talking cars and he was admiring my new white Triumph Sports car which was parked outside his office. We frequently met socially after work for a drink and we essentially also became good friends. We did not always agree, but usually I proved I was right where work was concerned, and he would give in gracefully.

It was a fairly small company employing about one hundred people, with about 70% of the workforce being female. Our market took in the whole of the British isles and there was a little export work to Europe. It took a few weeks for me to make an impact and it had been quite a daunting job to get the muddles of the past sorted out, and get production flowing economically. But I did it, and the company went from almost bust to a very healthy profit. The owner was essentially a salesman and did not have a clue about production matters. But he was a good man to work for. He rewarded me well for getting the company back on its feet . We had a good product, and a good after sales service and so our sales force found our products easy to sell, and so as time went on the company prospered.

Not only was I well rewarded, he also allowed me as the Works Manager to reward the workforce, and although money does not buy loyalty, he was the sort of man that got loyalty from all his employees. He really cared about people, and he would do his utmost to help employees who got into any type of trouble.

But Paul the owner was essentially what the Thai people called a ?Butterfly Man? he flitted from woman to woman, despite the fact that he was married to a very attractive woman. He had the ability to do all the right things, and say all the right things to get a woman into bed. He was a unique character, and great fun to work for. His conquests also included a large part of our female workforce who even after being dropped from his attentions still quite willingly kept a welcome between their legs for him any time he changed his mind.

His Secretary Kate was typical of the women that Paul liked to have round him. She was a very attractive and very /blonde/sexy-blonde/">sexy blonde. Although she had recently married it was rumoured that Kate had been one of Paul?s conquests. I came into contact with Kate on a daily basis and soon got to enjoy her very extrovert porn videos download personality.

She would frequently come into my office for some reason, and plonk herself on my lap with an arm round my neck to sit and discuss business. Her dress sense was on the borderline of being provocative and to be quite honest I did think about whether to invite her out for a drink sometime, but I thought that being recently married she was just being a tease, and just having a bit of fun at my expense

Nevertheless Kate did brighten ones day up and I quite liked her. A couple of evenings we went for a drink after work and then went our own ways. Being new to the area I had few social contacts and mostly I was happy to stay in my apartment with a good book or finish some paperwork I took home with me.

One day we started talking cars and from then on Kate gave me no peace until I promised to take her for a ride. Paul was away so she was at a loose end, and as things were running well at the works I decided I would take Kate for a spin at lunchtime and probably have an extended pub lunch somewhere. However, Kate decided she wanted to drive as she knew the area better than me and so off we went.

Suddenly we pulled into the drive of a luxurious country house about two miles from the works. Kate laughed at my expression of astonishment, and taking my hand she took out her keys and opened the front door .

Before the door was properly shut Kate had her arms round my neck and her lips were fastened on to mine. After we broke the kiss she looked up at the astonishment in my eyes and said ?Tony I have arranged a working lunch for us.? Before I could resist she had my hand, and was leading me up the stairs to her bedroom. As Kate started disrobing I had by now got the message and followed suit. I knew what sort of working lunch she had in mind.

Together on the bed Kate pulled me close, and looked into my eyes. This afternoon I am going
to fuck you silly Tony.? she intoned, as she slid her arms around me for a tight hug. She locked one
leg over mine bringing our naked bodies close together. We kissed passionately, her tongue dancing about my mouth as she climbed across my naked body and I found myself looking up at her very pretty face.

Her long blonde hair fell down in a cascade across her cheeks and my face, as she gazed down at me. The soft look becoming hungrier as she leaned forward and again planted her soft lips on mine. My hand made its way to her breast, squeezing the soft flesh, tugging on her hardening nipples. She moaned into my mouth and rolled on top of me, taking my right hand from her breast and putting it on the pillow above my head. "Not yet," she says. But I cant help it. I grin as my left hand grabs her other breast. "Down, boy!" she says, a smile on her face, "Im making the rules today, remember.

I let her take my hand and stretch my arm away. She leans towards it, and her breast hovers over my face. Well, if she offers it... I reach my neck forwards and start sucking a nipple as she giggles.

I look up into those beautiful eyes, wanting so much to kiss her, but unable to move more than a few inches. She reaches over slowly and kisses my stomach, moving up to my neck and face and finally to my mouth, teasing just out of range first, then planting her /sweet/">sweet lips on mine. She lies down next to me, an arm across my body, her head on my shoulder.

Tony the /first-time/">first time I saw you, I wanted you. I liked the appearance of you. You have everything that a woman wants in a man have lovely clear blue eyes strong jaw, long eyelashes. Youre just about the perfect specimen for any woman. You keep in good physical shape, and I just love being with you.?
?But you are married so what about your husband?? I asked.
?Tony dear my husband and I have an open marriage, and you can meet him later for yourself if you wish and he will tell you the same.?

Then she turned back to our love making" I really want you /bad/">bad," she muttered, almost to herself, as she started kissing her way down my body. She stopped for a moment at my nipples, then down again staying away from my manhood and working her way down my thigh. She moved between my legs and her kisses trace a line down to one foot, then back up and over to the other, tugging on my pubic hair with her lips, but skipping my most sensitive spot. When she returns again she slows, and starts kissing my balls, lightly flicking them with her tongue. She stops and raised herself on her elbows and looked down at me.

?Tony dear I had a dream one night that you and I married and we had four lovely children.?

I heard myself say ?Well Kate you never know what is round the corner, but we both have to get divorces before that can happen.?

Without warning, Kate leaned across the bed reached out and took my cock in her mouth, she worked at it steadily until she could take no more, and she had as much of me, as she could in her mouth. She looked up at me as she worked away at sucking my cock and I could see, her beautiful eyes looking expectantly at me. I was enjoying every second of it Lust burned in her eyes, it was a strange look full of passion and desire. Then Kate for some reason just let go let go of my cock and practically jumped on the bed on top of me, she grabbed my cock and pressed it to her pussy opening, then without ceremony sat down hard. Both of us gave a moan as we quickly achieved full penetration. Kate was tight, but she was also wet. To me it was just a heavenly feeling of release. Kate was putting her whole weight on me to get the whole of my cock; her face showing it?s determination as she concentrated in jamming my cock up inside her as far as it would go.