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So You Want To Run a 5K

These Shoes Were Made For Running Broad Street

Recently a blogging friend inspired by my recent Marathon race contacted me asking for advice on  how to train for a 5K.  Oh yeah, I love, love, love welcoming new runners into the fold!  Making the decision to train and run a 5K is one that pays back amazing dividends. You will discover the delight of exceeding what you thought you were capable of accomplishing and understanding that your best is always yet to come.

When I decided to train and run a 5K, I consulted friends who have extensive running experience before I started my training. However, I didn’t know what I didn’t know about running and had crucial knowledge gaps when I first started training which lead to numerous mild injuries.  Whether you join a running group or use a Couch to 5K program, there are a few things that you need to know before beginning any 5K training program. I’ve put together a list of recommendations that will help you avoid some of the pitfalls I experienced as you progress in your running journey.  These recommendations are based on my personal experience and meant to be a useful guide for new runners. You should always consult a running professional for more detailed information.


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