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2013 Philadelphia Rock & Roll Half Marathon Recap

Yesterday I had the pleasure of running the 2013 Philadelphia Rock & Roll Half Marathon. Weather conditions were absolutely perfect for a 13.1 mile run around Philly and The Drive.  Before and after this distance run, I discovered the joy of upgrading to a Intune premium pass.  With this pass, I had access to private bag check, private porta-potty, breakfast before the run and brunch served after I returned from the run.  Totally spoiled me for every distance run I plan to participate in the near future. If you have the opportunity to upgrade to premium access or a VIP tent, it is well worth the investment.

If you are just starting your running journey, this is a outstanding half marathon goal.   I’ve run this course numerous times in training for future distance events.  There are parts of the course that I could run with my eyes closed, though I strongly recommend that eyes stay open during a run.









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2 responses to “2013 Philadelphia Rock & Roll Half Marathon Recap

  1. says:

    I’ve had the displeasure of some lingering injuries this year, which reduced me to one run/week for four months and then forced me to stop completely for six weeks so that I would heal. Now I’m tring to do the train-for-half-marathon-in-six-weeks plan. It worked okay when I was 25 years old, but it appears to be somewhat more challenging now that I’m approaching my dotage. I’ll just be happy when I can run 10 miles on a regular basis again without severe pain.

    My goal coming into this year was to remain injury free. That goal ended during the first week of April. It wasn’t even a running related injury, so yippee and all. Now I’m gearing up to run the Richmond, VA 1/2 marathon on November 16. With such an abbreviated training schedule, my goals are to 1) finish and 2) not sustain an injury. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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