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What a Wonderful World

Louis Armstrong was born today August 4th, 1901 and passed on July 6th, 1971.

His music is timeless and I had such fun putting together a selection of his songs and collaborations with other artists.  Take some time to sit back on this beautiful Sunday and enjoy the sounds of Louis Armstrong.

Happy Birthday, Louis!

What a Wonderful World:

When the Saints Go Marching:

Cheek to Cheek with Ella Fitzgerald:

Sinatra and Louis Armstrong – Birth of the Blues:

You’ll Never Walk Alone:

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5 responses to “What a Wonderful World

  1. Trevor Hilton

    To hear him speak, one wouldn’t think that a voice that raspy could sing very well. But, he was one of the best crooners that ever was.

    A Very Blessed Birthday Louis Armstrong! Look forward to hearing you sing, “What a wonderful Heaven” when I meet you there.

  2. Tony Oleck

    I have Pops on my IPOD Wonderful World and if you haven’t heard it…Blueberry Hill, my two favorites…he and Jimmy Durante are two of my old time favorites…neither had Sinatra’s voice but oh what they did with their hearts…Durante singing Young at Heart…one of my favorites, next is Sinatras version from the movie that first got me interested in him….Happy Birthday Pops…going to see your pal Tony Bennett at Longwood in a few weeks

  3. Tania


    Might bump into you there!

  4. Tony Oleck

    Tania…this was great. I was the odd ball in High School, everyone listening to Elvis and that new group the Beatles and I was infatuated with Sinatra. Seeing Sinatra and Pops together was great…didn’t know a young’un like you liked this music….good for you.

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