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July 4th – Independence Day

Happy 4th! I hope you are all enjoying the day.

It would not be Independence Day with out this unforgettable scene from ID4:

Speaking of Independence Day – I congratulate the citizens of Egypt for their persistance in holding their elected officials accountable to their promises and actions.

Obama administration backed Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, ushered into power with the so called ‘Arab Spring’ has been ousted as president by Egyptian military leadership.

The celebrations in Tahir Square are incredible! Check out this video posted on Sky News of the Egyptians celebrating the removal of Morsi.

Doug Ross has a gallery of photos of protestors in Tahir Square holding signs that are not deferential to Obama.

The damage done by the Obama administration and then secreatary of state Hilary Clinton with their Middle East doctrine will take decades of careful handling to repair.

Your thoughts on Egypt’s Independence Day?

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3 responses to “July 4th – Independence Day

  1. PapaMAS

    Let’s hope they do better this time.

  2. Trevor Hilton

    I’m still afraid the radical islamists will take over the Government there. I have a friend from Egypt who now lives in Australia who says that Egyptians need to understand all of the responsibilities that come with democracy and freedom.
    Whatever the outcome, I still fear for the safety of the Coptic Christian people there.

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