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Survey Update

He catches the light so easily

Thanks to all who took time to complete the blog survey I posted in the beginning of January. I’ve extracted a fair bit of quality data from this survey that I am happy to share with you, dear readers. The data confirmed a few general ideas I had about the blog and illuminated some new and pleasantly surprising perceptions. Overall, I found the data extremely helpful while I craft the next phase of ‘MidnightBlue’.

I’ve crunched the data and I’m busy adding my commentary to the results. I will update this post tomorrow evening with both the data and my comments.

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2 responses to “Survey Update

  1. Trevor Hilton

    This is Sequestration Day. I’m sending you this message from my bunker. I have my family, and 6 months of food and water. I’m behind the door with my .45 on my hip and my Ruger Mini 14 rifle with a 40-round-magazine in it ready to protect our survival supplies.
    The only way you could improve your blog is to give tips on how to kill Sequestration Zombies and tell me where all of the Sequestration Apocolyspe Survivors are.

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