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The Book of Business UnAwesome/The Book of Business Awesome by Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten of  @unmarketing, has released a  remarkably witty and informative guide to help readers become better withing the realm of social media. The book is titled The Book of Business UnAwesome/The Book of Business Awesome.  I had a blissful and uninterrupted weekend in December to read this book cover to cover. During this weekend, I broke a personal time record for a Half Marathon race –  maybe the book inspired my run? Anything is possible.

It is a two sided book – literally.  One side is titled The Book of Business UnAwesome which looks at the cost of not using and engaging in social media properly. Or as Scott observes, by simply not being great at what you do. I read this side of the book first.  Personally, I like to know what I’m doing wrong before I discover what I am doing right – but that’s just me. You can pick your own side :)

The Book of Business UnAwesome section provides worst case scenarios of online social media behavior of companies and political figures. Most of the examples in this will have you cringing as your common sense kicks in and goes ‘What the Hay’ is wrong with these people? Then you start seeing how this incidents may relate to your own online behavior. I really enjoyed reading this side, as it is a good gut check for your own social media brand. The take away message from this section is simple. Don’t engage/ignore your followers, automate all your posts across multiple social platforms, don’t check your facts or follow through with your promises and you will be held accountable within the court of public opinion.

There is one jaw dropping incident that I would have not believed to be true if Scott had not included screenshots backing up every fact he presented.  I’m not going to spoil this incident – you need to get this book and read it for yourself.

While this book seems to be geared towards business online branding failure and success stories, the examples presented in the Business UnAwesome section are teachable moments for everyone using social media today.  A real life example would be the survey I designed for readers of this blog. After reading this section, I saw opportunities for improvement within my own social media brand and the idea was born to create a survey asking what my readers saw in this blog before I set about redesigning the blog…again.  So, yes, it is possible to make Lemonade from Lemons.

Book Review

The flip side, and yes, you have to flip the book over to read the section ‘The Book of Business Awesome’. It was well worth the wait – just like when you nibble the chocolate around a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and are left with the delicious peanut butter center. Yum. Food analogy within a book review – FTW.

Page 1 quote sums up the essence of Business Awesome to me –  ‘Every employee is your brand ambassador, your marketer, and the face of your company.’  I would add a corollary to this – Everyone engaged in social media is their own brand ambassador, their own marketer, and the literal face of their company. And you should always seek growth and improvement within your brand. This section of the book provides great examples of allowing yourself and your employees to be awesome within social media. So get this book and start being awesome, and if you are already awesome, start being even more awesome!

In summary, I love this book and found great value in being able to use this book to develop small, actionable plans to improve my personal social media brand.  The book is a valuable social media resource for individuals involved or looking to get involved in social media at the business level and for the rest of us who see social media as an extension of our personal brand or reputation.

Book Review

In his YouTube video  ’Are you an employee 24/7‘  Scott goes into more detail of how employees are always part of a brand.  You words have an impact on your personal brand and that of your company, whether or not you chose to reveal that connection within your profile.

Recently I encountered a real life example of this type of negative branding.  Philadelphia City Council member Jim Kenney used his official Twitter account to call a Philly resident (Moi) a’dope for questioning the wisdom of spending Philly tax dollars to maintain his twitter account.




I thought about sending him a copy of Scott Stratten’s book, but I fear what names he may call me or what pictures he may send to me via Twitter.

I want to thank one the smartest blogger/podcaster around the net, Jimmie Bise of The Sundries Shack, for providing me a copy of The Book of Business Unawesome/The Book of Business Awesome by Scott Stratten.

Questions, comments or your thoughts on this book – feel free to leave them in the comment section.

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