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Almond Milk and You – Chic, Sexy and Delicious

As readers may know, I’m currently immersed in training for the Philadelphia 2012 Marathon. An important aspect of training is building better eating habits. One such habit is replacing dairy milk with almond milk – preferably Silk Pure Almond Milk. As I write this post, I’m sipping on Starbucks Salt and Caramel chocolate milk mix with Silk Vanilla almond milk. Seriously, I think I’m in love.

Many have asked how do you milk an almond? Quite simple actually – almonds are blended with water to create Almond Milk. This makes a great base for flavors to be added such as vanilla or chocolate.

I’ve discovered almond milk has far more cosmopolitan uses than marathon training. The video below shows how almond milk is used in creating a signature cocktail called ‘Colorado Blossom’.

Chic, sexy and delicious. What more could you want in almond milk?

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One response to “Almond Milk and You – Chic, Sexy and Delicious

  1. says:

    I had my husband pick some of that for me but we never even opened the carton. I don’t know if I could talk him into buying it again, or not. =)

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