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Pisanki – An Easter Tradition

It is the first day of Spring and Easter is right around the corner! I’d like to hop on Hershey’s Bunny Trail and share a colorful Polish Easter tradition.

Today, I carefully unpacked an assortment of Pisanki or “written eggs” in the Polish tradition.

Decorating eggs, a symbol of life and rebirth, is found in many eastern European cultures. The eggs are typically decorated with images reflecting Easter traditions. These eggs are shared with friends and family as a symbolic wish for a healthy and fruitful life.  The two pictured below were designed and crafted by a relative who gave them as gifts when we last visited her in Poland. She is a master at mixed media artwork and I’ve several of her woven wall hangings and illustrated books decorating my home.

Pisanki - Written Eggs

Pisanki - Written Eggs

Melted beeswax is used to create the design on a cooked, raw or blown egg. The beeswax is applied with a stylus then the egg is placed in a color dye. More beeswax is applied and the egg is placed in a different color of dye. Once the final dye color has been added the wax is removed with gentle heat and the intricate design is revealed. If you are thinking this sounds laborious, it is. Once upon a time, I tried to create my own Pisanki with beeswax and food coloring and found I liked collecting the eggs far better than creating them.

The eggs pictured above are decorated in Nalepianki style where paper cut outs or straw is used to create an intricate patterns on an eggshell. I’m really liking my cousin’s modern twist on the centuries old tradition of Pisanki.

What Easter egg design looks like at chez Tania – simple, colorful, but mostly simple to design:

Freshly Dyed Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs

I’d like to thank Hershey for sending me a custom designed Easter Basket filled with Hershey goodies.

Hershey's Easter Basket

Hershey Easter Basket

For more Easter tips and craft ideas and to follow the Hershey’s Bunny Trail visit CelebrateWithHersheys.com

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One response to “Pisanki – An Easter Tradition

  1. midnightvista

    I am Ukranian….(for some reason having a hard time spelling it…senior moment here)…and we do the same type of egg decorating. It is really gorgeous. I usually go to the Ukranian Church festivals to buy them. Do you make them? I love these decorated eggs.


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