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A Snapshot of BlissDom 2012 – Nashville

Prep for BlissDom 2012

Finally getting my thoughts together and blogging on my experience attending Blissdom 2012 Nashville.  I’m frequently discovering I’m always the last to post on this subject.

Several months ago I wrote a post comparing women blogger conferences and posted the following question:

The number of conferences marketed towards female bloggers is quite staggering. I have yet to attend a conference of this nature, being a single woman, I get the impression a large part of the conference tends to focus upon the  ’mommy blogger’. While this is a perfectly reasonable demographic to focus on conference-wise, I often wondered if the information provided at these conferences would be relevant to the ‘non-mommy’ blogger?

After extensively reading blog posts and reviewing photos of both BlogHer and BlissDom, I chose to attend BlissDom 2012 in Nashville, TN.  The conference appeared more intensely blogger focused and I encountered a more positive vibe from 2011 conference recaps from BlissDom attendees then of Blogher attendees. Since I budgeted for one blogger conference this year, I chose BlissDom.  I am  happy to report, I chose well.

The Bliss Chicks – Alli, Paula, and Barbara created an open, inclusive culture within this conference for bloggers of every stripe. Equal parts amazing organization and excellent content mixed together 750 smart, passionate, creative women (and men) and you get magic, baby!

Oh, I didn’t mention the venue - Gaylord Opryland Hotel – 9 acres of indoor gardens, waterfall, and indoor river. It’s like sleeping over in a tropical conservatory – I always wanted to do that.  This is what I walked by every day – a double waterfall – seriously amazing venue.


A differentiates BlissDom from other conferences was a take home expectation from the speakers and organizers to use the connections, inspiration and knowledge shared at this conference to build something beautiful and meaningful. You can see this idea percolating  within numerous conference recap blog posts.

From the pre conference welcome kit, insightful keynote speakers, content rich lectures, engaging sponsors, to the stylish entertainment, this conference is well worth the investment of your time and money.

There is no way I can briefly summarize BlissDom 2012 in one post. . Follow along this week as I post my thoughts on conference content, entertainment, sponsors and point out some outstanding bloggers I had the good fortune to meet.

 You can query all my BlissDom posts to date by clicking on this link:  ’Blissdom 2012‘.


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5 responses to “A Snapshot of BlissDom 2012 – Nashville

  1. says:

    Loved the recap. The opening video still makes me smile.

    It was nice to meet you while we were waiting (and waiting) in the VO5 salon.

    I’d noticed the word “mom” being used to describe us as a group, and read a tweet from a non-mom it bothered. It’s good for all of us to remember not every attendee is a mom, or even a woman!

    Even at that, I think it was a great event for any serious blogger, no matter the state of one’s uterus.

    Hope to see you next year. Blissdom is a must-do for me.

  2. says:

    I have one blog that’s a fairly typical mom blog but I started another that has virtually nothing to do with being a mom and has everything to do with being a creative person. I appreciated that everything at Blissdom was generally targeted and could be applied to any blog.

  3. Tania

    Based on the above comments, I’ve added a sentence that refines my thoughts on the impact of a BlissDom conference.

  4. says:

    I love this so much. So happy you joined the family this year. :)

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