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Occupy Philly Racks Up $1 Million Dollar Debt – Hands It Off to Philly Taxpayers

Philly Sign

Occupy Philly supposedly scrawled a message somewhere in Dilworth Plaza regarding  the evils of corporate greed.

Philadelphia city officials recently disclosed the cost of maintaining the unwanted, overextended group tantrum calling itself “Occupy Philly’.  City officials estimated the protest cost the city more than $1 million, most of that in police overtime.

ONE. MILLION. DOLLARS.  That amount of money might buy you a seat at an Obama fundraiser in Philly.

That is a significant amount of money for a cash strapped city to have to squeeze into an already overburdened budget.  To make up for this budget busting expense, hard working residents of Philadelphia may have to adjust to city services reductions such as rolling brownouts of Philadelphia fire departments or library closures – thanks to the childish antics of Occupy Philly.

Supporters of the Philly Occupation are quick to hold the “1%” or Wall Street accountable for alleged fiscal improprieties; while the same supporters ignore their responsibility in creating a million dollar quagmire for hard working citizens of Philadelphia.

Lets get real for a moment – the Occupy movement is a complete disaster. As it stands now, the movement has no legitimacy outside its own echo chamber. Indeed the whole world watched, via New Media, as the occupy movement imploded on itself.  This public tantrum has cost cities across the nation an estimated 24.8 million dollars.

The sad truth is the city will never recoup the 1 million + from the protesters. However, there maybe a way for supporters of Occupy Philly to redeem themselves and perhaps gain some marketable skills at the same time. I propose the the leaders of Occupy Philly meet with Mayor Nutter to discuss ways to work off the debt through volunteer work.  The time spent on projects around the city could be used to pay down the million dollar debt owed to the citizens of Philadelphia and make the protesters appear less like greedy children and more like responsible, civic minded adults.

Personally, I would not object to them organizing fund raising event to support Philadelphia’s Fallen Finest - but that might be asking too much from such a small group of protesters.

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2 responses to “Occupy Philly Racks Up $1 Million Dollar Debt – Hands It Off to Philly Taxpayers

  1. adn

    in 2012 the economy will be juiced and goosed for the election. in 2013 the game will be over; even if u think u cannot afford it, take 10% of what u make and by physical sliver and gold NOW

    Jim Quinn’s predictions in 2010 for 2011 were spot-on, here they are

    he was accurate in mid 2011

    and here are Jim’s predictions for 2012

    i cannot say “cheers”……but i can say, beware, take care.
    i mean it.

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