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On This Day – 9/3/2008

Saw this tweet by @CarlCannon earlier today:


How can I forget? As a credentialed blogger covering the 2008 RNC Presidential Convention in Minneapolis-St.Paul, I was present when Sarah Palin stepped up to the podium and absolutely changed the landscape of the Presidential election.

thursdayconvention 029

I will never forget the silence and shocked looks on the faces of the MSM in the Press Filing room after her speech. Oh yeah, it was absolute hatred of Sarah Palin at first sight for those in the main stream media. I knew at that time, they were going to dump McCain and focus on Sarah Palin because she would be the reason for McCain’s victory – not McCain himself.

I’ve posted a Flickr slideshow of a selection of photos I took at the 2008 RNC Convention.

You can read my dispatches from the 2008n RNC Convention by clicking HERE.

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One response to “On This Day – 9/3/2008

  1. Trevor Hilton

    “she would be the reason for McCain’s victory – not McCain himself.”

    Too bad McCain himself was the only one who couldn’t figure that out. I think he spent more time and energy attacking his own running mate than in attacking Obummer.
    It still seems, however, that the entrenched Republican establishment hasn’t gotten the message. They’re bound and determined to cram Romney down our throats.

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