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The Jamie Radtke Affair


Erick Erickson’s post “Regarding Jamie Radtke” reminds me of why I prefer to stay an independent blogger – no ads, no publisher pushing me to go slow or go somewhere else:

I love my bosses and my employer and the owner and was happy to accommodate their very first request in my five years of employment to go slow on an endorsement.

I chose who I want to endorse based on my own criteria. I chose topics to discuss based on what the heck I want to to discuss, not what an advertiser is pushing at the moment.

Granted, other bloggers may have differing ideas of where the future of blogging is headed.  I prefer unfettered opinions on blogs or at least have a blog owner clearly disclose any financial arrangement regarding their posts.

It seems the Jamie Radtke affair has developed into a full blown conservative blogger kerfuffle – Ace is all over this one.  As for the quality of her speech at the Redstate Gathering, I cannot say one way or the other as I was not there. I’ve read the reactions from those who were in the audience while Jamie spoke and criticism is abounding.  I would like to see a video of the speech myself to judge its worthiness yet there does not seem to be any such clip. None of the the gathered tech savvy bloggers recorded it and Jamie’s campaign website is only displaying a video clip from her talk at the recent Smart Girl Politics convention.

Blogger kerfluffles make for a good distraction while I’m recuperating.

It seems this story is getting interesting – Via Gatewaypundit – Patrick McSweeney, legal counsel for Radtke wrote Erick Erickson a letter demanding a retraction.

Ben @ Politico reports Radtke’s establishment charge against RedState and clears up Erick Erickson’s accusation against Dan Riehl.

Due to legal issues raised by the Radtke campaign, Erick Erickson issued this  apology.

Leon Wolf wades into this kerfuffle and addresses the issue of video evidence of Radtke’s speech:

One last word: people have been demanding to see video of the speech. It would surprise me if such video exists. They were not filmed by RedState. Furthermore, her remarks came during a time when everyone present was eating – I seriously doubt that anyone took the time to pull out a Flip camera and record either all or part of her remarks. And if they did, they would have put those cameras away long before Radtke’s interminable speech ended for fear that their food would get cold and/or be taken away by the waitstaff.

What is the real story here? Was her speech just background buzzing while the gathered bloggers feasted and chatted with blog friends? If so, was anyone closely paying attention to her speech? If so, how much credibility can be ascribed to the descriptions of the speech?

In fairness, I can see not grabbing video of the entire speech during the meal, however, most smart phones have the capability of voice recording. On the iPhone is looks something like this:

Iphone Voice Recorder

I use this voice recording feature at every conference I attend.  If the room has a half decent audio set up, you will pick up the speaker on this device. Yes, it is a pain in the neck to listen and transcribe the audio, but it gets the job done. Until there is such evidence, all this bickering about the quality of Radtke’s speech is nothing more than he said/she said BS.

The take home lessons are as follows:

  • ALWAYS disclose any relationship you (as blogger) or the parent company of the blog has with an endorsed candidate.  This also goes for any other type of endorsement as well.
  • It is always best to have evidence backing up your statements. Seriously, the technology is out there – use it.


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2 responses to “The Jamie Radtke Affair

  1. says:

    Agreed. I also don’t agree with RWN’s assessment of the conservative blogosphere. SYLG is a pebble on the blog highway, but I have no intentions of giving up the keyboard yet. And I’ve been blogging since 2005.

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