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GDP Anemic Growth in Q2 2011

Unexpected? 1.3% in Q2 2011.

A slowing trend cannot be discounted when you look at the results of the past quarters - Q1 2011 1.9%,  Q4 2010  3.1%.

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5 responses to “GDP Anemic Growth in Q2 2011

  1. neocon

    How would this “growth” be characterized if an R was in office?

  2. neocon
  3. PapaMAS

    Unexpected? Man, you can’t even call that a whistling past the graveyard type of lie. With Washington being so very anti-business there’s no way any good company is going to start hiring until at least they see what happens in the 2012 elections.

  4. adn

    the numbers are cr**; they are based on unit of measure that is bs, if u look closer u see that almost all the growth was govt, govt paid, govt stimulus (all of which of course removes capital from the private sector) for real numbers go to http://www.ShadowStats.com

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