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Explosion in Oslo -UPDATED

An explosion damaged government buildings in Oslo and attacks are reported at a summer youth camp. There are reports of a gunman wearing a police uniform firing several shots in the vicinity of the youth camp.

The Guardian.co.uk is live blogging this attack.

The Norwergian news service Dagbladet.no is closely following this tragedy.

English version of Norweigan news has this update:

UPDATE: A powerful bomb explosion rocked central Oslo shortly before 3.30 on Friday afternoon, causing extensive damage to government offices, killing at least two people and injuring numerous more.

Daily Mail reports at least two deaths and 15 wounded in ‘terrorist’ attack on government office block. UPDATE: 7 deaths reported.  This is getting ugly very quickly.

Norway came under a co-ordinated double attack today in what is being described as the worst atrocity it has faced since the Second World War.

Terrorists are believed to be responsible for a massive car blast at a government office block in the capital Oslo and a man disguised as a police officer opened fire at an island summer camp.

At least seven people were killed – two in Oslo and five on Utoya Island – 500 miles north of the capital where the prime minister Jens Stoltenberg had been due to attend the youth Labour Party event.

UPDATE: At least 30 dead at the hands of terrorists at a Labour party youth meeting. UPDATE: Via BBC – Police report 9 possibly 10 victims in shooting rampage.

UPDATE: TRS posts an alleged claim of responsibility from an islamic terrorist group.

UPDATE: Vis BBC: 2056: The foreign minister has also confirmed that the man arrested following the shooting on the island is Caucasian.

UPDATE: Shooting/bombing suspect has been identified as a 32-year-old Norwegian man named Anders Behring Breivik.

UPDATE: Via TRS - at least 92 confirmed deaths.

UPDATE: Rusty Weiss calls out the hyposcrisy of the MSM – the same repugnant people who blamed Congresswoman Gifford’s assault on Sarah Palin.

The media takes careful steps to cover up information when a terror attack is perpetrated by a Muslim, but are willing to point out that a terror attack has been perpetrated by a right-wing Christian ad-nauseum.

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3 responses to “Explosion in Oslo -UPDATED

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Here in Oklahoma City we have a big reminder of what happens when a citizen lashes out at innocent people because they’re angry at something.

    God, please send Your Peace to the families of those victims.

  2. Joel Farber

    I agree that they would be undercutting this if it were a muslim and they are loving that it was a christian
    Here is the difference christains will come out against this attack not make excuses for the attack

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  1. says:

    [...] The details are very sketchy at this point, but it appears that Oslo is in the midst of a terrorist attack. There was a huge explosion in the heart of downtown, and now there is another report that a gunman dressed as a policeman has opened fire on a children’s summer camp in Utoya. [...]