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2011 Blue Cross Broad Street 10 Mile Run – UPDATED

Broad Street Run 2011 Medal


Quick impressions:

  • Great course of a mostly a downward gradient with a few gentle hills.
  • The weather was pitch perfect for a run.
  • I wore a smile the entire course due to the wonderful supportive spectators that lined the entire course. My favorite were the church women dressed in their Sunday finest ringing bells and cheering the runners on.
  • Pure awesome moment of the race – rounding City Hall en route to South Broad Street, I spied a sign hung over a balcony that read ‘Go Tania Go!’
  • Approaching the finish line at the Navy Yard, I enjoyed reading the chalk messages on the road. If you want to know the content of the messages, I suggest you sign up for the 2012 Broad Street Run.
  • Running through open fire hydrants is a guilty pleasure :)
  • Plentiful water stations along the course which makes for a good distance run.
  • I did not hear “Gonna Fly Now” during the last mile of the race. Yes, that IS the Rocky theme song, not to be confused with ‘Eye of the Tiger’.
  • Medals were given to every finisher this year.
  • My official chip time: 1:47:57. Not too shabby for a first time run, now I have a benchmark time to improve upon next year.
  • Should you train for this run? Hell yes! See you in 2012 :)

In case you are wondering what I’m up to tomorrow, you can find me with 30,000 of my fellow runners participating in the 32nd annual Broad Street Run.

A ten mile run along Broad Street in Philadelphia and ending at the iconic Navy Yard. This is my first time participating in this run, please send happy thoughts tomorrow! Philly news station 6abc will be covering the event.

I’ve trained well for the past three months, and am so ready for this run. Spent today keeping up the time honored tradition of pampering before a big race which includes, but is not limited to, a visit to the hair stylist, followed by a mani and pedi. Oh, don’t forget to carb up with your racing buddies.

Stay tuned for the race recap here on MidnightBlue and on BTR show ‘Independently Correct’ where I will be discussing feminism and the Broad Street Run.

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4 responses to “2011 Blue Cross Broad Street 10 Mile Run – UPDATED

  1. neocon

    Were you satisfied with your time?

  2. Trevor Hilton

    Congratulations! Running for nearly 2 hours. That’s great. You should get your buddy John Hawkins to join you.

  3. says:

    Trevor: I’ll ask him this Saturday.

    MIM:Thanks! Great weather for a good run.

    NeoCon: Since this was my first Broad Street run, I consider the time my baseline and will seek to improve upon the time next year.

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