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Three Must Have iPhone Photography Apps

“The best camera is the one that’s with you, and it doesn’t have to be fancy.” ~ Chase Jarvis

For most of us, that would be the camera on our phones.  The phone currently residing in my messenger bag is the Apple iPhone 4.  Apple’s substantial improvements in the quality of the iPhone camera  has sparked a revolution in photography. Numerous applications have popped up taking advantage of the improved photo capabilities. Some apps offer an array of advanced dSLR capabilities and some apps pay homage to hipster lomo photography. Below are descriptions and photo examples of three applications that stand out from their peers. I’m having a great time creating beautiful photos with all three of these applications, and so will you!


A photography app created by Tap Tap Tap and professional photographer Lisa Bettany.  Camera+ includes many functions typically reserved for dSLR’s. For example, the app allows the user to focus and set the exposure of  the photo. In addition, image stabilization, grid composition, burst mode, timer setting and continuous flash are included in this application.  EXIF data is collected for each photo and photos can be geotagged (or not). The app comes with numerous post processing effects that can be adjusted by the user. The effects remind me of presets found in Adobe  Lightroom.  Once the photo is edited it can be uploaded to popular social media sites such as Flickr, Twitter and Facebook. The app does allow for multiple images to be uploaded as well.

Camera+ is highly recommended for beginner to advanced dSLR users or those interested in dSLR photography. Right now the app is retailing at 99 cents.

Photo example – Moth Orchid: Camera+ recipe…♦ scene: Auto ♦ effect: Depth of Field (75%)

Moth Orchid at Longwood Garden

Photo EXIF Data displayed on campl.us website:



A dead simple photography and photo sharing application. The interface is clean and super easy to use, even a cantankerous NY Times gadget guru won’t have a problem using this application.  Simply take a photo then choose a filter to change the look and feel of the photo. Once you’ve created your photo, it is simple to share it with the world. In one screen,  you can title your masterpiece, share its location and then select up to five social media sites (Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare) to share the photo.   In addition, you can view other member photos, rate them and follow the photographer. What a great way to build a community following for a product.  I recommend the application for its ease of use, quality of photographs, pricepoint, and community building.

Oh, did I mention that this is a FREE application? Sweet!

Yes, it is true, I share my life with the cutest dog in the world.

Instagram Buster


This application recreates the look and feel of  the “Diana Camera look” or ‘Holga look“.  This app packs a lot of creative punch for the user.  With one touch you can change the film, lens and flash, creating a dynamic and unique look to every photo. You can even change the look of the ‘camera’ itself.  I’m all about the photographic purity and this is reflected in the pure white design of my hipstamatic ‘camera’.

If you had any inclination towards lomo photography, this app will feed your curiosity. As with the other applications, you have the ability to share your photo on Flickr or Facebook. What is unique with this app is the ability to make prints of your masterpiece via the Hipstamart Print Lab. In addition, Hipstamatic photo contests make this application even more unique.

This app retails at $1.99, this provides the user with a basic set of lens, film and flash. Once the app is installed, you can purchase additional packs (film, lens, flash). This does increase the cost but the range of creativity provided by this app is astounding. You get the results of a toy camera without the long turnaround time and cost of film processing.

Outstanding photography app for everyone. Go get yours!

V-Day Cupcake: Lens: JohnS Film: Ina’s 1969

V-Day Cupcake (Hipstamatic Contest Entry)

Gardenia: Lens:Kaimal Mark II Film:Blanko


More Hipstamatic goodness:

The story behind the story of Hipstamatic app.

Hipstamatic photojournalism controversy? Or is it?

Right on cue, the New York Times scoffs the upswing in popularity of lo-fi photography. How very high brow of them.

Though different from each other, these three applications really enhance my photography. I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite iPhone photography apps. If you have have a photo app that you just love,tell me about it in the comment section.

FYI:  The above opinions are mine alone, I’ve no collaboration to disclose.

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    Excellent blog post. I’m continually looking for nice new apps to use. It continually amazes me at how many apps are out there…some I’ve seen or heard of, most I have not. Good information thanks!

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    [...] A few weeks ago, on a brisk March afternoon, I had the opportunity to go on a photo walk with my best photo buddy, NeoCon. We strolled along the funky and eclectic South Street in Philadelphia. The only equipment I brought along on this walk was the iPhone. During the photo walk, I used three different photo apps to capture scenes along South Street – Instagram, Hipstamatic and Camera +.  If you’ve never heard of them, I wrote a review on all three entitled ‘Three Must Have iPhone Photography Apps‘. [...]