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Pseudo Environmentalist Derailed at CPAC

Ann McElhinney, director and producer of “Not Evil Just Wrong“, schools a critic on his misguided ideas regarding the oil and gas industry while calling out his own environmental hypocrisy at the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Ann…for the record…you rock.

For the sake of transparency, I will disclose that I traveled to CPAC via Amtrak and DC Metro. In addition, I walked to the conference from a nearby Bed and Breakfast.

If you want to understand the contentious nature of anthropogenic global warming (now packaged as ‘global climate change’); I suggest you build a backyard garden, join an allotment or for those more ambitious, purchase a micro farm.  Spend a year or so working the land and you will quickly discover that, despite the shrieks of global warming backers,  your ‘green’ gardening techniques will have absolutely no impact on the vagaries nature.

Sadly, this administration and acolytes like the one speaking with Ann in the video have environmental priorities skewed to benefit themselves and not the environment. It is NOT federal legislation or high speed railways that will ‘save’ the environment, indeed, the environment needs no help from mere humans.

Being ‘Green’, that is promoting responsible environmental stewardship is one of my conservative ideals. Not to be confused with the carbon footprint obsessed, humans are the root of all environmental disasters, and non-believers should be eradicated type of Green.  Conservatives, like myself,  embrace that humanity is a part of nature, and not super natural. I believe in the responsible stewardship of the environment based on evidence-based practice.  Unlike liberal environmentalists, I do not believe the false presumption of preserving nature under glass and apart from human activity. Since the beginning of everything, nature has always been in a state of creation and destruction, it is never constant. A year in the garden will teach you that and much, much more.

Okay, stepping off my soapbox :)

High speed rail lines aside, another useless bit of ‘green’ feel good nonsense that actually does nothing to conserve the environment is the trendy reusable grocery bag.  My particular favorite is the Hot or Cold – earth day everyday for a greener America insulated shopping bag.

Earth Friendly Reusable Grocery Bag

Next time you are feeling guilty for not saving the planet with your reusable shopping bag, ask the manager of your local super market to share with you any environmental impact reports on the use of reusable bags. Sit back and listen to the crickets chirping.

Earthwise - Protecting the Chinese Economy

Congratulation on your purchase! You have saved or created another job in China! Don’t you just feel the green love?You want to protect the planet? Easy peasy – don’t litter, start a garden, support our energy industry – oil, nuclear, coal, gas, solar, wind – you name it and always question the hype.

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7 responses to “Pseudo Environmentalist Derailed at CPAC

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Skye, next time you go to CPAC, let me know and I’ll lend you my Harley-Davidson Sportster to ride there. :)

    Yet another looney leftwing liberal “do as I say not as I do” type. I’m not at all against new technologies. After all, the gasoline engine itself was once the “new technology” and there were people who refused to switch from the horse.
    But, electric cars still won’t out-perform gasoline. I can drive my gas-guzzling Chevy Silverado about 300 miles, and in 10 minutes it’s ready to go another 300. And it can do that carrying my whole family and a ton of cargo.
    At present, an electric vehicle can’t do that.
    Those batteries are just CHOCKED FULL of hazardous materials like lead, sulfuric acid, antimony, nickle, cadmium, etc. What will be done with those when they’ve outlived their useful lives? Or when they’re damaged in a wreck. Will the firemen or paramedics who pull you from the wreck need to wear a haz-mat suit?

    As for wind energy, there are many wind farms in Oklahoma. Wind powered ships across oceans for centuries, so it can work. But, many of the components are made in, guess where?, CHINA! Because they don’t hamper their industries with ludicrous regulations. The wind turbines take a toll on birds and bats. They also don’t make as much energy as was touted.

    Solar energy powers the planet already. But, solar panels are also full of hazardous chemicals, and require more hazardous chemicals in their manufacture. The elements that make-up such panels are rare. Most of them are presently made in, guess where again?, CHINA! You can probably guess why.

    Wind and solar CAN work. But, I’m not yet ready to throw out coal-fired plants yet.

  2. says:

    Ok…..WHAT was this nutjob’s purpose in coming to CPAC???? If it was to piss off every conservative he could find there, it appears he succeeded!

    Even an Independent like myself knows to stay away from conservative conventions like CPAC!

  3. Joel Farber

    Hey Paul its seems to me that the only thing the liberal did was make himself look stupid. Now thats the actual point because liberals do not have an actual argument all they have are attack lines and its not just about this for example ask any liberal what has obama done that is good they will answer with generalizations and tag lines but press them and wanna know what you get they will attack maybe you but probably GWB or Sarah Palin not with facts mind you but just attacks
    I promise you that a liberal at a conservative gathering is much safer than a conservative at a liberal gathering
    Tania you were brilliant as always

  4. says:

    Even an Independent like myself knows to stay away from conservative conventions like CPAC!

  5. says:

    Even an Independent like myself knows to stay away from conservative conventions like CPAC!

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