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CPAC Experience Wrap Up

Inspired by my Fedora friend, Da Tech Guy and his one liner recap of CPAC, here are a few off-the-cuff, in no particular order, reflections on CPAC 2011:

To be clear, I was not the index patient for the CPAC2011 Plague.

This is CPAC #4 for me and I still get lost finding the Blogger’s Lounge.

Now that David Keene has stepped down and handed the reigns over to Al Cardenas, I believe the real Sarah Palin will make her debut at CPAC.

Stage_Right and Meredith Dake rock the radio at CPAC:

Stage Right Show

CPAC gets your blogging groove going with coffee and danish in the morning followed by soda and chocolate in the afternoon.

Freedomwork's Blogger Lounge

Check out the exhibit hall earlier rather than later during the conference. The exhibitors pack up early on Saturday, so your best time to visit would be Thursday or Friday. Seriously, you don’t want to miss this:


I don’t care how many CPAC straw polls Ron Paul win, he is not an electable candidate for president.

At Freedomwork’s Blog Bash 11,  guests screened clips from the upcoming movie ‘Atlas Shrugged‘. Impressive cinematography. I look forward to the April 15th premier.

CPAC Blogger of the Year: Javier Manjarres – a well earned award. Congratulation Javier!

CPAC Blogger of the Year - Javier Manjarras

Robert Stacy McCain rocking the pink camera and Corona at CPAC.  I must give him my infectious disease seal of approval for detailing how he escaped the #CPACPlague.


Connecticut Avenue has great diversity of restaurants, pubs and such, so skip the hotel fare and dig into the food choices outside the hotel. If you like Indian cuisine, I know just the place.

Skip the Marriott in favor of a guest-house.  I would suggest a cozy B&B situated across from the Marriott – actually, just stay at the B&B.

Let’s Roll! Michele Bachmann fires up CPAC in her opening speech.

Pamela Gellar should be a participating sponsor at CPAC, instead of hosting her own event outside of official events. Perhaps now that David Keene is gone, this will happen.

CPAC is better with friends. It was a pleasure sharing CPAC with Donald Douglas, John Hawkins, John Ruberry, and Marooned in Marin. Donald, I owe you a beer :)

Lots of talented writers, thinkers and photographers at the Blogger Lounge. It is good to open yourself to new ideas amongst these good people.

I have a fuzzy recollection of punching a potted fern leaf.

Kruiser Kabana is becoming a tradition at conservative/right of center blogger gatherings.

CPAC is a place to find new friends – Katy’s Conservative Corner – one of the strongest women in the blogosphere. Check out Verum Serum where truth percolates, and Seton Motley, who gives flowers to pretty girls.

Tabitha Hale and Seton Motley

While at CPAC it is always a good idea to introduce yourself to Da Tech Guy – the gentleman with the Fedora. He is a wonderful blogging companion, purveyor of tasty cannoli and tea brewer extraordinaire.

DaTechGuy and his Cannoli

GOProud should participate in CPAC mainly because they know how to throw a good party :) Ahh yes…I rediscovered my love for Twister at the Breitbart/BankofKev/GoProud Bash.

Smart Girl Summit 2010

I applaud gays that are pro-life. Sadly, it seems this important message gets overshadowed by bigot remarks.

Haley Barbour is rising in likability. Glad I had the opportunity to meet him.

Moi, Renee Elmers, and Herman Cain. A Power Trio!

Moi, Congresswoman Renee Elmers, and Herman Cain

Rummy! Rummy! Rummy!

Tania and Rumsfeld

Congressman Allen West – It just rolls of the keyboard, I’ll never tire of typing it. Looking forward to someday typing: President West.

Taking time to chat with congressional representatives is a better way to judge their character than simply grabbing an interview.

Check out Scott D’Amboise. He is running a primary challenge against Olympia Snowe. Family man, patriot and small business owner – he is exactly the type of candidate we need in the Senate.

Scott D'Amboise

I’m sure I’ve skipped an item or two. This post will be updated frequently to accommodate flashbacks.

PS: Check out Loud Talker – CPAC Quick Hits

PSS: This blog post is best viewed with Opera.

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3 responses to “CPAC Experience Wrap Up

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Looks like it was quite a party. That picture of you and Mr. Hawkins needs Obummer in it. Then it would be The Good (you), The Bad (Obummer), and The Ugly (John Hawkins).

    RightWingNews is on my favorites, too.

  2. says:

    That is so cool – and nice photo with Rumsfeld! :)

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