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CPAC Experience: The Ron Paul Reality

Donald Trump’s remarks at CPAC:

That about sums up the reality of Ron Paul.

Deal with it, Paulbots.

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7 responses to “CPAC Experience: The Ron Paul Reality

  1. Trevor Hilton

    I like much of what The Donald has to say. But, I don’t think he can get elected either. Being a business man, I think he can do a good job getting the deficit under control and negotiate trade deals. But, everything else, I just don’t know. Also, his personal life is a mess.

  2. Earl

    “Funny. Everything Ron Paul ran on in 2008 is what the Tea Party stands for now, except Ron’s one exception: Iraq. Now that Iraq is just a memory for even the democrats, I wonder how popular Paul will be in 2012. I am contributing to Ron’s campaign again, ladies.”

    Admin reply:

    Go right ahead, It’s your money to waste.

    I don’t recall ANY Tea Party group advocating to end the fed, aligning themselves with Code Pink, World Can’t Wait, Revolutionary (ReLoveution) Communist Party.

    Then again, perhaps I overlooked this TeaParty strain? Can you send me a link to such a TeaParty group?

  3. says:

    @ Trevor – I agree with your statement; The Donald is just as unelectable as RP.

  4. says:

    Yeah, we have to set about now to get someone that is electable up to front. I personally like Haley Barbour.

    Please though, just as Ron Paul and and the comb over guy aren’t electable let’s be willing to admit that Sarah Palin is unelectable too. Men are just not going to turn out and vote for Sarah Palin. She has been successfully painted as dimwit (which she is not) and it’s too late to change that so let’s move on. We need someone that is a strong leader with concrete conservative ideals and isn’t too timid to defend them but also not sound like the extremist ideologues that now occupy the White House. What we need is a leader of the people plain and simple.

  5. says:

    It would be nice though if people would try to include the Ron Paul supporters as opposed to continually trying to alienate them.

    Personally, I hope Ron doesn’t run and decides to pass the torch to someone else, like Gary Johnson or my #2 choice, Mitch Daniels.

  6. Tania

    @Adam – Not sure how RP supporters believe they are excluded? They were crawling all over CPAC – as they do every year.

    RP rabid groupies do a great job of alienating support by their own actions. You don’t need to point blame to an outside source for the political reality of Ron Paul.

  7. Joel Farber

    Ron Paul gives me mixed feelings when I hear him speak sometimes I think he sound brilliant then others he sounds like a nutjob I think he would do some good for the country but there is much I think he doesn’t make sense on

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