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A Troglopundit in Madison, Wisconsin

One of the most famous bloggers in Wisconsin, Troglopundit,  has set out to witness the dueling protests at the Wisconsin capitol building. He promises to be good and take lots of photos and notes of his adventure.

Check out his Tweets from the protest and view photos of the event at his blog, The Troglopundit.

PS: Have you signed the petition to stand in support of Governor Scott Walker? If not, you have my permission to leave this blog to do so.

PSS: Ann Althouse discovered physicians offering to write ‘sick notes’ for striking teachers. Wow, not sure how many of the physicians identified as handing out fraudulent scripts will still be able to practice in WI or anywhere in the US.

UPDATE: Troglopundit has posted a selection of signs displayed at the protest. Go have a peek at them HERE

UPDATE: Breitbart “We are the new Peace Movement”:

Meanwhile in peaceful Philadelphia, I’ve been busy maintaining a sub 30 minute 5K and documenting early signs of spring in my garden. Not quite as sexy as covering a raucous rally, but it’s all I got in Philly. Pictured below are a few of the 25+ red and white tulip bulbs planted last fall.

Signs of "Spring" Life

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5 responses to “A Troglopundit in Madison, Wisconsin

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Michelle Malkin has some good coverage of the protest. “Teachers” walking around with profanity-laced signs, signs with violent imagery, and signs comparing Governor Walker to Hitler, etc.

    These are the people teaching our children? If I could afford it, I’d rather send my 2 kids to a private, Church-run school in our area.

    As for those doctors, I, too, hope their medical licenses get revoked.

  2. says:

    That should be “your” next one … sorry, LOL. I’m a teacher too.

    P.S. Malkin reports on SEIU’s nationwide tour, and I’m bummed I can’t get in these goons’ faces. Sacramento’s 5 hours, but god that’d be fun to cover.

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