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White Balance – It Has Come To This

On January 27th, I tweeted a link to a superb photography tutorial on White Balance (WB) with a small remark about post processing.


One of the strengths of Twitter is the quick dissemination of knowledge. I have several Twitter followers interested in photography. I found the information in this link to be quite good and wanted to share it with my followers.  This is Twitter in a nutshell.

The next day my Tweet was Re-Tweeted and it looked like this:


Has our divisive political #newtone infected the hallowed ground of photography? Say it ain’t so, Joe!

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3 responses to “White Balance – It Has Come To This

  1. Trevor Hilton

    My ancestry is a mix of German, Welch, Dutch, and English. So, effective immediately, I want to end the following expressions; “Welch on a bet”, which means to not honor a bet. Also, the expression “Go Dutch”, meaning both parties on a date pay for themselves. And “put English on a pool ball”. Lastly, “German measles”.
    My wife is Chinese, so the expression “Chinese fire drill” and using “yellow” to mean “coward” are racist to her.

    Negative references to Oklahoma don’t bother me, though. As long as looney leftwing liberals think that, then they won’t come here and mess-up this nice state.

  2. Tania

    “put English on a pool ball”

    You got me with that one.

    All I did was laugh at the Tweet and what a sad state of ridiculousness our ‘newtone’ in politics has brought to us.

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