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Census Results – Pennsylvania To Lose One House Seat – UPDATE

2010 Tree Skirt

Dear Santa,

Due to the 2010 Census data, Pennsylvania is set to lose one House seat. If it is in your power can I select the House seat that gets axed?

My top three choices for congressional districts in no particular order:

1 PA 13

2 PA  1

3 PA 4

PS: I’ve been real good this year :) I’ll leave the milk and cookies in their usual spot.



UPDATE: A reader informs me that the Chair of the Senate Government Committee will ask Congressman-elect Mike Fitzpatrick to draw his own district then they will working out the rest from that starting point. There are pros and cons with this, but it is nice to day dream about plucking a congressional district away from one of these heinous Democrats.

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2 responses to “Census Results – Pennsylvania To Lose One House Seat – UPDATE

  1. says:

    And SC gets one seat so we will transform your lost Dem seat into a solid GOP seat!

  2. Trevor Hilton

    Oklahoma will still have 5 representatives. Our population rose to 3.75 million people.

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