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PA Senate and Congressional Races Update

First off, I have to share a Flickr link from one heck of a politico, Sean Hackbarth. His screen capture offers a glimpse into the liberal mindset days before an epic election. Pure awesomeness, Sean.

Okay..now lets get to the races in Pennsylvania:

Pat Toomey vs Joe Sestak – This is such an interesting race to follow poll wise. RCP places this race in the ‘Toss Up’ category, yet Toomey leads in every poll listed save one. This is trending more to ‘Leans GOP’ with every poll released. Rasmussen is calling this race a toss-up, despite  Toomey consistently ahead of Sestak in the poll numbers. A recently released Morning Call/ Muhlenberg tracking poll sees a swing back in favor of both Toomey and Corbett.  Now is the time for Republicans, Conservatives, and Independents to double down and bring  Toomey and Corbett to victory next Tuesday.

PA CD-6 - Gerlach is crushing Trivedi with a 10 point polling advantage, yet RCP is calling this race ‘Leans GOP‘? I’d label it Congressman Gerlach’s race. Amazing how a ten point lead less than a week from election day doesn’t cut it for ‘Likely GOP’ in RCP world.

PA CD-7 - Pat Meehan vs Bryan Lentz remains in the ‘Leans GOP’ category with the latest polling by Franklin and Marshal giving Pat a solid 3 point lead over Lentz. Pat Meehan has great name recognition in CD7 and Lentz has skillfully surrounded himself with tons of negative publicity.  Now is the time to ramp up GOTV initiatives so that next Tuesday we can hand  Obama’s water carrier a pink slip.

PA CD-8 Mike Fitzpatrick vs moveon.org endorsed candidate Patrick Murphy, is till in the ‘Leans GOP’ category. The enthusiasm is all on Fitzpatrick’s side – last night I attended a  AFP phone bank marathon in  and had to wait a half hour to get access to a phone to start calling likely voters in the 8th congressional district. The place was jumping last night!

PA CD-11 Lou Barletta vs Paul Kanjorski has not moved from the ‘Leans GOP‘ category according to RCP. We need principled men like Barletta in Congress and it looks like we are going to start addressing Lou as Congressman Barletta.

PA CD-12 – Tim Burns vs Mark Critz. The race is going exactly as expected – a Toss Up.

PA CD-13 Dee Adcock vs the architect of Obamacare, Allyson Schwartz.  The race still ‘Leans DNC’ , this is one congressional district that is overdue for a clean out.

PA CD-17 Dave Argyll vs Tim Holden. RCP has this firmly in ‘Leans DEM’. Oh man this would make such a great ‘come from nowhere’ win for the GOP. Argyll is a great guy, I would like him to do well in this race.

PA Governors Race: Corbett vs Onorato is still in the ‘leans GOP‘ RCP category. No surprises here.

Looking at the polling, I’m gunning for  ’The Great Refudiation‘ come November 2nd.

Any Questions? Leave a comment or follow me on Twitter for more updates on these races. Oh, please take a moment to surf over to Ace of Spades, it seems my buddy Ace is having election night jitters and needs some cheering up.

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5 responses to “PA Senate and Congressional Races Update

  1. Joel Farber

    I want to appeal to everyone to support Dee Adcock he is a good man and will actually do his best for us in Washington unlike Schwartz who is an elitist `who thinks she is more qualified to decide what is best for us than we are
    PLEASE PLEASE come out and see me at the polls I will be there all day

  2. admin

    Excellent appeal, Joel. Voter turnout is key in this election, especially for Dee Adcock.

  3. says:

    Glad to see a slight shift back in Toomey’s favor in RCP poll averages:


    But DON’T let up in the get out the vote effort.

    Remember that in close races, Dems have a habit of “finding” votes if they need them. So work HARD PA! We are counting on you!

    P.S. My Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) has a 40 point lead over Alvin Greene (D)!!!!

  4. says:

    The Dems have no respect for the law or for doing what is right. Their only thought is for whatever gives them the most political power. They make me sick. It is a blessing people don’t live forever. If these people can’t get voted out, they will pass on sooner or later like Kennedy and Merther. Specter is gone and a few others but we still have too many in office. I’m in the wrong business..I need to become a politician so I can get away with breaking the law.

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