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We Too Shall Overcome – Restoring Honor, Washington DC

MLK March August 28th, 1963

Restoring Honor, August 28, 2010

Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, would be proud of the Americans gathered for Restoring Honor, keeping his dream alive.  His niece, Alveda King spoke to the 100,000 gathered on the anniversary of MLK’s speech.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the organizers at Independence Tea Party Association for organizing buses to this event. They filled 28 buses for this rally! They deserve a huge round of applause for this herculean effort.

This was a curious event for my to cover, as I’m not overtly religious and try not to mix politics with my faith. As most of the speeches were televised on CSPAN, I decided to take a closer look at the attendees. The crowds near the jumbotrons and the stage were nearly impossible to push through, so I wandered through the crowds between the WW2 Memorial and the far edge of the reflecting pool. Media of all description were interviewing attendees and I stopped to listen to some of the interviews. I even taped a snippet of one as well. Please note that you will have to turn your volume up to hear the interview; more importantly the focus of the interview was health care, not religion.  Every attendee interview that I encountered appeared well versed in the subject matter of the questions directed to them. The best interview I witnessed was one conducted by a French news agency with two counter protesters. The ‘man’ dressed as Sarah Palin, when asked by the reporter, admitted he felt safe to don his costume in this crowd. How ironic is it that another ‘man’ with the same political outlook as this tool feel free enough to assault me at a Sheepdog rally in 2008. It gives you a real clear idea of where todays political climate of hate and violence really stem from.

My good blogging buddy, Andrew Ian Dodge, has stated in his review of an event he did not witness:

As a result of this event ( Ed. Note: Restoring Honor), Republicans will not win the Senate and it may also hurt their chances to win the House.

I have to vehemently disagree with Andrew on this. What I found at this rally were American patriots from all walks of life who are concerned with this administration’s fiscal instability, over-reaching government intrusion in private industry, and the Obamacare disaster. Oh, they just happen to be openly religious and vote. So what. I’m not intimidated by their religiosity. Somehow, Andrew Ian Dodge finds that condemnation enough.

This gathering of  primarily evangelical Christians, most well informed on the issues, clearly and politely made their case to the lurking main stream media at this event.  I even spied GOProud stickers at this event and missed the opportunity to photograph the stickers as I’m damn sure the MSM ignored it.

What happened at this rally was one not-so-religious blogger found common ground with with the overtly religious.  No, no one tried to convert me (Thank you very much!), but common ground was found in fiscal responsibility, limited government intrusion in our personal lives and in replacing Obamacare.  Even from differing religious perspectives, the uplifting principle of Americans free to build their dreams and creating a better nation for all was clearly communicated at this rally. It is truly the resurgence of the American Dream.

That is the take home message from this rally. Martin Luther King, Jr would be proud of this day and proud of our nation.

I look forward to  November.

FYI: As always, the rally area was left cleaner than it was that morning and safer than normal. I had a great opportunity to remind folks of this at the rally. While walking to the rally, a woman a several feet in front of me unknowingly dropped a considerable amount of cash on the ground. A man behind me quickly alerted her and I could not resist in reminding the crowd around us that if that had happened at an anti war rally, her money would have been history. Quite a few chuckled in agreement, including the lady who recovered her funds.


Doctor Zero at Hot Air claims 300,000 in attendance. I can’t argue that figure.

Voting Female – Professional race baiter’s are P’Oed.

American Power – Leftists Desperately Seeking Racists

Marooned In Marin has more photos and video of leftist infiltrators

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6 responses to “We Too Shall Overcome – Restoring Honor, Washington DC

  1. Trevor Hilton

    “What happened at this rally was one not-so-religious blogger found common ground with with the overtly religious. No, no one tried to convert me (Thank you very much!)”

    I’ll have to start praying for you, Skye.

    I saw on Michelle Malkins blog some pictures of the Beck rally, trash in trash cans.
    And some pictures of the looney leftwing liberal rally, trash everywhere BUT in trash cans.

  2. admin

    You are more than welcome to do so, Trevor. What is important is that I’m not intimidated by openly religious who vote. What the rally revealed is there is much common ground. This administration’s policies are disastrous for both religiously inclined and the not-so inclined. We both want a strong America where we can both work, build our dreams and worship as we see fit.

  3. says:

    Skye, I’ve never been an “evangelical” Christian (aka “Bible thumper”) and did not attend the 8/28 rally, but have found a tremendous amount of wisdom in the Bible that applies to current events. If you ask “where have we gone wrong?” the answer more than not can be found in relatively simple lessons, mostly in the New Testament.

    If I had one complaint from my “waspy” (United Methodist) upbringing- there were a lot of assumptions of things we’d come to know from the Bible that we were deprived of.

    It’s a simple albeit challenging set of rules of how to do things, but a lot of the things that our government (both political parties) has come to do in a really arrogant way.

  4. Mike

    Skye thank you for the wonderful pictures on the flickr page.

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    [...] I am told this letter is in part a reaction to a recent statement from Senator Jim DeMint – “You can’t be a fiscal conservative and not be a social conservative.” As a staunch supporter of limited government, Senator DeMint’s statement makes perfect sense.  Reducing the size and scope of our government will necessitate the elimination or streamlining of wasteful entitlement programs. Is that not the stated objective of this letter? Making an either/or distinction between fiscal and social conservatism is wrong.  Alienating social conservatives is a death sentence for the teaparty and by extension, the GOP.  Perhaps that is the goal of one of the signers of this letter who openly espouses his antagonism to social conservatives, specifically targeting those of the religious persuasion. [...]