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This Doesn’t Happen Often – I Agree with AllahPundit

Yesterday, Proposition 8 which passed with easily in California in 2008 was struck down by a Federal judge. Overturning Prop 8 over the majority opinion of the citizens of California is not the way to get buy-in for your cause and sets a chilling future for all citizen based ballot propositions .  While I have no issue with gays wanting to enter a civil union, getting to that point has just been made even more difficult by this Federal judge. When the citizens of this country are ready to accept unions between two consenting gays then it will be reflected in the ballot box. I don’t care what your orientation, you must respect that fact.

Allah and I agree..remarkably on this subject:

I think they’ve made a needless mistake in pushing this in the courts instead of doing it legislatively state-by-state. The optics are uniquely bad — a federal judge imperiously tossing out a public referendum enacted by citizens of one of the bluest states in America on the shoulders of a multi-racial coalition. If the goal of gay-rights activists is to make same-sex marriage palatable to the public, then embittering opponents by torpedoing a hard-fought democratic victory seems like … an odd way to go about it.

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3 responses to “This Doesn’t Happen Often – I Agree with AllahPundit

  1. blondeconservative

    The people spoke at the ballot box. Leave it to a liberal judge to decide HE knows what’s better. And the MSM didn’t even mention the fact that the judge himself is gay.

  2. Trevor Hilton

    I like Hot Air. But, I don’t often read Allah Puntit, knowing that he’ll insert a bunch of his atheist claptrap into his articles.
    But, yes, he and I agree this time.

    This outrage, Mike Bloom(ing idiot)berg agreeing to build a mosque where the World Trade Center was, Obummer Care, our Government fighting Arizona more than terrorists.

    Our Government needs an enema this November.

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