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Mayor Nutter Signals No Confidence In Disgraced Housing Authority Chief

In the most delicate and democratic way:

“The kind of allegations that we are talking about, and they are allegations, but they are serious allegations, they must be addressed, the management of PHA the board of PHA must address these issues, hopefully they are conducting some level of investigation but there must be zero tolerance for that kind of alleged activity.”

Meanwhile, 3 sexual harassment claims against Carl Green have been settled financially, and a fourth suit costing PHA insurance $250,000 was settled on Friday. Yep, nothing to see here folks, just keep moving along.

This is way too much baggage for the city administration to sweep under the rug. I cannot see Green holding on to this $306,000/yr position for very long, and wonder if the job comes with courtesy parking in Philly?

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2 responses to “Mayor Nutter Signals No Confidence In Disgraced Housing Authority Chief

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Is his golden parachute being packed yet?

    I sometimes wonder, are these people that corrupt when they’re elected, or is there something about the job that affects them in this way?

  2. admin

    This guy was a bad egg to begin with, but why let a previous history of sexual harassment impede him from a 6 figure job in Philly?

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