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Tea Party Conundrum?

A superb blogger and novelist, Andrew Ian Dodge, has penned article “Grassroots Conundrum:  ”Party Unity” or Princples“.  He takes a look at  one of the biggest growing pains of the Tea Party movement:

Tea parties across the US are starting to learn the realities of political life after the primaries. In this grassroots conundrum they have to suffer the sight of their tea party favorites appearing with many of the politicians that they set out to cull. Now that these candidates have gotten the nomination they become part of the party “establishment” and business as usual returns

Within the tea party movement, I’ve found that most groups are careful to state that their movement isn’t overtly democrat or republican – they see both parties as part of the problem. What I see are political opportunists that latch on to the Tea Party talking points; perhaps even organizing a tea party event in order to tap into the powerful grass root organizing power of the Tea Party. Some have even convinced prominent bloggers who identify with the tea party movement to cover their primary campaign. Once the candidate has used the Tea Party momentum to their advantage, it’s back to politics as usual; which leads to the well meaning activists getting screwed, yet again. This is the genuine weakness of this movement – part of being the new kid on the block – as some activists tend to latch on to any candidate who mouths Tea Party talking points without putting any effort into diligent research of the candidate.

I’ve found it wise to develop a keen political BS meter when it comes to candidates labeling themselves as the ‘Tea Party candidate’.  I believe as the Tea Party movement progresses, it will develop an overall political BS meter to avert candidates such as Rand Paul and Paul LePage.  We typically call this maturity. Remember, this movement has only been around for over one year. We have accomplished what was once unattainable in politics in that time, but we still are new kids and we have some growing ahead of us. I look forward to the journey as I look forward to 2010, 2012, 2014….

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One response to “Tea Party Conundrum?

  1. says:

    If they play their cards right, most local Tea Parties will see themselves as the new “kingmakers” and steering committees and not as an overarching political movement.

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