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Philly Politics 101

As a freshman Republican Committeewoman, I’ve had time to more closely observe the behavior of local Philly politics.  What I’ve found is a quagmire with two parties wrangling for the soul of Philadelphia.

On one side are Philly Democrats who promote racism within their party structure and have run the city to near insolvency.  They can do this because they enjoy a 6:1 registered voter advantage in the city. Recall that absolute power corrupts absolutely – that is a good description of the Democrat party in Philly.  For disclosure, I was registered as a Democrat up till November 2008. I have no regrets walking away from this party, as I’ve been afforded better opportunities to serve my community as a Republican.

The Philly Republican party, on the other hand, should be placed on a suicide watch. I say that with a strong dose of tough love. The party’s footprint in Philly is almost non existent with two at-large council seats and oversight over city parking meters. It is shocking  to note that over a thousand Republican committee seats remain unfilled in Philadelphia county.  With this alarming deficit within Philly’s Republican party I am greatly concerned by the actions of  Vito Canuso and Mike Meehan who occupy leadership positions within the Philly GOP. Since the primary race in February, they have spent a good amount of time meddling in ward leader elections instead of pursing activities that are beneficial to the party and our community.

Since my election, I’ve worked hard to establish relationships with my neighbors, democrat and republican alike. In past months, I’ve had opportunities to make a difference for my constituents, all the while learning  how to go about getting things done in this city.  I care about my neighborhood and take this position seriously, making sure my actions reflect well upon the Philly GOP.  I would not like to see this good work jeopardized by petty feuding in the GOP leadership.

I am truly concerned that both Vito and Mike are putting personal ambition above the needs of the GOP and our community. To both of you, I request that you stop the petty infighting, it reflects badly upon an already fragile Philly GOP. Myself along with hundreds of other boots-on-the ground committee people are working hard to rehabilitate the public perception of the GOP, your actions of late are hurting our efforts and in turn hurting the GOP.

As it stands, the Philly GOP cannot afford petty posturing by its leadership. Dems hold a 6:1  voter advantage, the Philly GOP needs to get its house in order before it can put forth a viable challenge to this Dem voter stranglehold in Philly.

Have I assessed the situation correctly? Let me know – leave a comment below.

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3 responses to “Philly Politics 101

  1. Trevor Hilton

    The Phillie GOP sounds like the National GOP.

    At a time when the democrats are handing us a brilliant opportunity on a silver platter, the GOP is doing everything possible to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    I feel you are handling the situation well. If you join the fight, then you are just being part of the problem. In trying to recruit your neighbors, then you are getting people who can try to drag the party, kicking and screaming, back to its Conservative roots.

  2. Lindsay Doering

    Congrats on being a committeewoman – I am in the GOP 8th Ward – keep up the good work with your division. The only way things will get better is if reform minded people step forward and do not get discouraged by the current state of affairs. Good luck!!

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