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Obama’s Oil Based Speech

Tomorrow, Obama will finally address the nation on the status of the oil disaster in the Gulf. It’s only been 56 days since the explosion of the BP oil rig.  This is a time for leadership, not pass-the-buckmanship.

Good Lord, the same liberal neophytes excoriated President Bush for a 6 minute delay during 9/11, yet they are curiously silent on this epic disaster. Just think of the outrage if President Bush dithered about for 56 days before addressing the nation after 9/11?

In advance of this speech, I’ve created a poll to see what talking points will be shared with the American public. Not holding my breath for any solid action plan to be revealed:

The Bitter American tells it like it is – Obama, Talk is Cheap. Love this blog!

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4 responses to “Obama’s Oil Based Speech

  1. Steve In Tulsa

    Yeah, Bush’s Fault, in spite of the fact that is was certified by Obama’s people who even get the rig that blew up a safety award. I guess Bush made Obama give that safety award also? Why doesn’t he wave the Jones act and allow our NATO allies to come over and help with the cleanup? Because the Jones act protects Unions and Obama loves uninions because they bankrupt everthing they touch from GM to California; all bankrupted by Unions.

  2. Trevor Hilton

    A certain politician once said,”Just words! Just speeches!”

    I think it was Obummer himself.

  3. says:

    You’re absolutely correct about the liberal hypocrisy with regard to the time that Nobama Odrama allowed to elapse before taking ANY action. I’m not interested in Stephen Chu’s Nobel prizes. I want results for our fellow Americans in the gulf, and we all deserve straight answers. Not a political football quarterback sneak.

    Great post as usual.


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