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Mitch McConnell and the GOP Response

Remarks by Senator Mitch McConnell on tonight’s speech addressing the BP spill by Obama:

Most Americans are baffled by all this. The crisis as they see it is a broken pipe at the bottom of the ocean, miles-long oil slicks, and threatened coastlines. The first thing they want to know is what the administration plans to do to plug the leak, clean up the oil, and mitigate the spill’s effects on the livelihoods of those affected.

And yet day after day, as the oil continues to flow, what we hear about from the administration is how tough they plan to be with BP and now, apparently, how important it is that we institute a new tax that will raise energy costs for every single American but which will do nothing to plug the leak. Never has a mission statement fit an administration as perfectly as Rahm Emanuel’s “never allow a crisis to go to waste.” Climate change policy is important, but first things first.

Americans are saying two things at the moment: stop this spill and clean it up. So with all due respect to the White House, the wetlands of the Bayou, the beaches of the coast, and our waters in the Gulf are far more important than the status of the Democrats’ legislative agenda in Washington. Americans want us to stop the oil spill first. And until this leak is plugged, they’re not in any mood to hand over even more power in the form of a new national energy tax to a government that, so far, hasn’t lived up to their expectations in its response to this crisis.

In addition to additional taxes, Obama creates another Czar – Meet the Drill Czar

For the life of me, I could not discern a plan of action through the thicket of finger pointing, cap&tax sales pitch and a tax increase proposal. Perhaps someone could point out the plan in Obama’s speech? Let me know, leave a comment below.

UPDATE: It appears ACORN will have a new job in the Obama administration – “... In order to ensure that all legitimate claims are paid out in a fair and timely manner, the account must and will be administered by an independent third party.” Seriously, this is the guy who stated if we don’t pass an 800 BILLION spending bill right frakking now unemployment would hit about 8.5 percent in 2009  rising to a peak of about 9 percent in 2010.

What about the rules of PayGo? Remember this is the government that makes stuff up as it goes along. Why would anyone, especially BP and the residents of the gulf states, trust this government to hand off 20 BILLION to an “independent third party” without any strings attached. As Alcee Hastings pointed out..we make the rules up as we go along, that will most certainly include the management of the 20 BILLION escrow account.

PS:  BP has already established a mechanism to pay legitimate claims of damage from the oil spill – you can check out the process HERE. More than 51 million dollars have been paid out in claims already through BP’s Claims Response program.  BP posted a video of the impact of the claims process in the gulf states. You can view the video HERE.

The more you look at it, the clearer it shows the government using this tragedy to financially squeeze a major employer in the gulf states.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we:

Why would anyone in the gulf states trust this democrat congress with a 20 BILLION dollar escrow account?

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2 responses to “Mitch McConnell and the GOP Response

  1. Trevor Hilton

    President Bush responded, within a few days, to Hurricane Katrina by sending food, water,
    and other supplies to affected areas.

    Obummer has responded, within a few weeks, to this by saying, “Plug the #$%&* hole!”,
    and “I want to know who’s @$$ to kick!”

    Tell me which one is truly a leader?

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