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General Petraeus To Afghanistan

Due to his critical remarks regarding the current Administrations inability to handle the Afghanistan conflict, Obama announced his decision to replace General McChrystal with the stalwart General Petraeus.  I’m sure Moveon.org is busy scripting another ‘General Betray-us’ ad right now.

Recall, Obama had voted against Petraeus‘ counter terrorist plan for Iraq (aka The Surge) in 2007 and that General McChrystal was hand picked by Obama to lead US forces in Afghanistan.

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3 responses to “General Petraeus To Afghanistan

  1. Trevor Hilton

    As I recall, when General McChrystal asked for more troops, President Panty Waist wasted
    several months before responding. Even then, he sent about half of what McChrystal wanted.

    But, now that General McChrystal hurts Obummers widdle feewings, Obummer immediately calls
    him back to Washington and gets rid of him.

    I can see where Obummers priorities are.

  2. says:

    I like how he said he is not changing policy, so the terrorists can still just wait us out until July 2011 and then come out of the woodwork.

    Th WON did not understand that even the Liberal McChrystal thinks his policy is terrible.

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