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Game On! England VS USA

UPDATE: England VS USA game ends in a draw with a score of 1:1

USA VS England

60 years on, England faces the US in a 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer(football) match.

I will say, in the most delicate way possible, this is England’s game. Especially, if Obama has indicated support for the Unites States team, as he has an unusually consistent record of backing the losing team.

I’ll be out most of the day today, and will check in to see if the American athletes are sporting any type of American flag on their uniform. In past actions, the State Department has asked Americans to remove our flag from their uniforms. Will the same hold true at the World Cup match?


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One response to “Game On! England VS USA

  1. Trevor Hilton

    That’s why I like NASCAR. Those drivers are proud to wave the Flag.

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