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House GOP Vote for Earmark Moratorium

This would have been nice 4 years ago but I applaud House Republicans taking the side of the American people and making a clean break from the past.

House Republicans approved a conference-wide moratorium on earmarks on Thursday, one day after a House committee enacted a ban on for-profit earmarks.

The Republicans’ moratorium is more extensive than the House Appropriations Committee’s ban in that it applies to all earmarks for all members of the caucus.

Today’s earmark moratorium shows the American people that House Republicans are prepared to end business as usual and change the way Washington spends the people’s money.

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One response to “House GOP Vote for Earmark Moratorium

  1. BD57

    It’s a step in the right direction.

    The test, though, comes when Republicans regain the majority (yes, I know the minority party can get its snout in the earmark through too).

    See, e.g., Pelosi’s promise that Congress will become more transparent & ethical when SHE becomes Speaker ….

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