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Quick Opinion Poll

I’ve already picked out my ‘To Me, From Me’ gift this year. One of the cameras listed below will be under the Christmas tree. I am still about unsettled as to which one to choose, so I’d thought I’d allow the readers of MidnightBlue to help me in this important decision. Vote below for the camera you would want me to have :) I’ll let you know which one I picked on Christmas Eve.

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5 responses to “Quick Opinion Poll

  1. Christine

    Hey! Consider a Kodak product. With smart capture, schneider optics great resolution kodak color science the ez share gallery and an extra 15$ discount it’s a no brainer. My picks are the Z1475 or the M1080 or z980.

  2. Trevor Hilton

    I don’t know much about cameras.

    But, I’ve been thinking of getting myself a stainless steel .38 annd a CCW for Oklahoma.

  3. admin


    Don’t know much about a stainless steel .38 and CCW.


  4. Mike

    Skye I use a Kodak Z8612 IS.It shoots video and still. Not to expensive and there are newer Kodak models as Christine mentioned.I think though you are set on your choices as what you have in the poll.I don’t know much about digital cameras so you are on your own.Best to get a large memory stick though for whichever brand you go with.
    Have fun and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    “Semper Fi”

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