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The Indelible Whiteness of West Chester

Monochromtic Crowd

Monochromtic Crowd

Michelle Malkin details the blinding whiteness of the MSNBC masthead:

Palin-bashing racial bean-counters in monochromatic houses shouldn’t throw stones.


Last Saturday, I didn’t have to accidentally click on MSNBC to view monochromatic liberalism, I found it just outside Philadelphia in suburban West Chester. Lois Herr and supporters gathered at the steps of the Chester County Courthouse to smear conservatism and receive endorsement from the pro abortion group called NOW. What stood out, apart from the anemic turnout, was the absolute lack of diversity that supposedly defines ‘big tent’ liberalism. Lois Herr’s supporters at this event were exclusively white and middle-aged. A narrowly defined group in the 16th Congressional District, yet Lois Herr claims to speak for all.

I was able to get video from inside the Herr rally, check out the attendees yourself and decide.  More  photos from the rally can be found on FLICKR

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One response to “The Indelible Whiteness of West Chester

  1. Dee


    The video was fantastic. They were speaking with microphones and yet, you could hear our side saying, “Kill The Bill” very clearly and loudly. HAHA!!!

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