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Ohhh..Change You Can Believe In!

Republicans surge ahead Democrats in Gallup’s generic ballot:

PRINCETON, NJ — Republicans have moved ahead of Democrats by 48% to 44% among registered voters in the latest update on Gallup’s generic congressional ballot for the 2010 House elections, after trailing by six points in July and two points last month.

Is is a coincidence that this up-tick occurred as Pelosi care was passed to the Senate? With the increased taxation and possible jail time proposed by Pelosicare, independent voters are abandoning the Democrats in droves over this scam of a healthcare bill.

Ed Morrisey puts forth a brilliant analysis of this change:

Republicans won in 1994 by focusing on core principles of fiscal conservatism and limited government, principles that appealed to independents frightened by the statist policies of runaway Democrats. Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have essentially created all the conditions of 1994 again for the GOP to use to give them the boot, at least in the House. The Republican Party has to be smart enough to recognize that and seize the moment.

And this time, they’d better stick to those principles, too.

The only way the Republican party will stick to those principles is when voters replace Republicans with Conservatives.

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3 responses to “Ohhh..Change You Can Believe In!

  1. Trevor Hilton

    This is good, but two things still bother me:
    1, The John McCain wing of the party is still in control.
    2, The average American voter can’t seem to remember beyond what happens
    to them this week.

  2. says:

    I’m confident about 2010. And in Illinois, we have nowhere to go but up.

  3. admin


    I agree with you on point number 1, as of today they are in charge of the GOP. Come 2010 there will be a change in management.

    On point #2 – the elections in November put to rest that notion.

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