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An Unexpected Mea Culpa

From the author of  the blog HillBuzz:

Thank You former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush.

As we will always be grateful for what George and Laura Bush did this week, with no media attention, when they very quietly went to Ft. Hood and met personally with the families of the victims of this terrorist attack.


The Bushes went and met privately with these families for HOURS, hugging them, holding them, comforting them.

If there are any of you out there with any connection at all to the Bushes, we implore you to give them our thanks…you tell them that a bunch of gay Hillary guys in Boystown, Chicago were wrong about the Bushes…and are deeply, deeply sorry for any jokes we told about them in the past, any bad thoughts we had about these good, good people.

You may be as surprised by this as we are ourselves, but from this day forward George W. and Laura Bush are now on the same list for us as the Clintons, Geraldine Ferraro, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, and the other political figures we keep in our hearts and never allow anyone to badmouth.

Criticize their policies academically and intelligently and discuss the Bush presidency in historical and political terms…but you mess with the Bushes personally and, from this day forward, you’ll answer to us.

We hope someday to be able to thank George W. and Laura in person for all they’ve done, and continue to do. They didn’t have to head to Ft. Hood. That was not their responsibility.

The Obamas should have done that.

But didn’t.


Thank goodness George W. is still on his watch, with wonderful Laura at his side.

Oh mercy, this is a huge step in healing this divided nation. I applaud this step and look forward to more coming to the same conclusion.

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2 responses to “An Unexpected Mea Culpa

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Duh One thinks it’s all about HIMHIMHIMHIM! So he wouldn’t go there unless he could take a bunch of photographers with him.

    I once heard about a poll that said Americans now have a better view of President Bush.
    So, Duh One did something Bush couldn’t do: Make George Bush look good.

  2. says:

    George and Laura Bush are a class act and always have been. The contrast between them and the Obamas is glaringly obvious. Even to the lefties, too – I guess!

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