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DNC Update: Meet the Obama Voters

Michelle Malkin, with her trademark class and style, introduces America to the typical Obama voter. Watch as Alex Jones incites a crowd to violence against Michelle Malkin. Where have I seen this before?

Hint: West Chester, PA.

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5 responses to “DNC Update: Meet the Obama Voters

  1. Paul Couturier

    Damn, what a gutless excuse for a human being that jones is!!!!

    Someone is making a killing selling bongs to guys like jones in Denver!

  2. blondeconservative

    Jones must have attended Karen Porter’s peace training workshops.

  3. Trish

    I think Jones ran the KP peace training workshops…
    What a whack job, and poor Michele! She really took a chance mingling with those crazy loons…
    But reading the responses was disturbing, where many people encouraged Jones to beat her up. Wow, such peaceful loving folks these liberals are.

  4. Anonymous

    These people are protesting the DNC. I don’t think they are supporting Obama.

  5. Skye

    Yes, anon, they are protesting the DNC – yet they are also voters.

    Perhaps 1 or 2% of the assembled mob may not vote for Obama. Guaranteed, 100% of them will NOT vote for John McCain.

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