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Tag Archive for ‘West Chester Rally’

WCASB Primary Election Results


I am so delighted to report on a primary race that is near to my heart. The West Chester Area School Board (WCASB) has for the past four years been in the capable hands of my friend and fellow photographer – Sean Carpenter.  Primary elections were held this past Tuesday in Pennsylvania.  When the dust settled from election day, Sean Carpenter secured the highest number of votes within the slate of Republican primary contenders for WCASB: Carpenter 3,930, Coyle 3,637, LaTorre 3,573, Pimley 3,322.

Congratulations Sean!  I look forward to celebrating your victory in November and viewing your incredible photography.


American Sheepdog 4 Year Anniversary

911 memorial

A local pro American, pro Troop rally held every Saturday in West Chester is celebrating its fourth anniversary this weekend. In September of 2007, Rich Davis held aloft a sign in support of our troops to counter a small group of fringe leftists who occupied the corner of High and Market Streets every Saturday for the previous five years. It was a weekly reminder to the citizens of West Cheester how much they disliked George Bush, American Soldiers and America in general. Rich Davis sought to peacefully use his sign to convey the message that Karen Porter and her left wing hate group the Chester County ‘peace’ Movement (CCPM) did NOT speak for all the citizens of West Chester. Rich described how he was jostled, cursed ande threatened by the ‘peace’ folk while holding his sign on his first Saturday encounter.

Chester County



West Chester Area School District Agrees to Wage Freeze

Can we cut and paste this result throughout the region and state at large?

Teachers and other staff in the West Chester Area School District have agreed to a wage freeze next school year to help close a budget gap widened by proposed state budget cuts.

The decision, ratified by the school board Monday night, and by teachers last week, is likely the first one by teachers in the Philadelphia area. Gov. Corbett has asked districts to take such action as a way to help absorb a reduction in proposed state education aid next year.

West Chester has about 1,380 employees; the savings from the agreements covering teachers, administrators and support staff will total about $1.4 million.


School board member Sean Carpenter, who negotiated for the board, said, “This solution helps the district get through next year.”


Conservative Female Activist Assaulted by Union Thug

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” – Barack Obama

Sometimes it’s necessary to get out on the streets and “get a little bloody,” – Rep. Michael Capuano (D-Mass.)

West Chester, PA

Tabitha Hale, a tea party activist, blogger and FreedomWorks employee was assaulted outside Freedomworks office by angry pro union thug.   Tabitha was videotaping an exchange between a coworker and a member of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) when she was attacked. As the debate began to disintegrate for the angry thug and he took out his frustrations with physical violence against Tabitha, not the man he was debating.

She has posted the video of the assault – see for yourself the violent nature of union members:



Blog Talk Radio Alert – Tune In To Independently Correct TONIGHT

The ever gracious, Paul Couturier, has invited me to speak on his weekly Blog Talk Radio show, Independently Correct.

Topics on deck for discussion will be centered around an article written by Kelley Vlahos entitled “Conservative Conference Beset By Accusations of Pro-Gay Takeover, Muslim Agenda”.

Followed by my thoughts on the director of the CCPM lastest bout with insanity.  I read her latests heated, irresponsible rant and wondered how many Sheepdogs will be attacked by her minions.

Click Here to join the conversation tonight starting at 8:30 pm EST.  The Call In Number is (646) 478-5261

UPDATE:  Many thanks to Paul for having me on the show. The podcast will be available shortly. Special thanks to my favorite commenter – Trevor – for calling in to the show. I was fun talking with you :)


West Chester, Pa: Close Gitmo Rally Fail

Today in West Chester, Pennsylvania  the left wing hate group sadly named the Chester County peace Movement, held its annual ‘Close Gitmo’ protest. I’ve covered this protest and counter pro America rally in past years. Take a moment to view the video embedded in the report as Doc Raoul explains the meaning of the orange jumpsuit in relation to the threat level of the detainee.

The director of the left wing hate group, Karen Porter, asked her membership to don orange jumpsuits “in support of humane treatment of prisoners”.  The orange jumpsuits are worn by detainees who exhibit violent behavior to the soldiers charged with their care.  I find it appropriate that members of a left wing hate group with a documented history of violence don orange jumpsuits for this protest.

This year the Sheepdogs were honored to have Dom Giordano attend the pro America counter rally. Due to prior commitments, I was unable to attend the rally. I will link up photos from the rally as soon as Rich posts them on his blog – American Sheepdog. I have been told by those present  the turnout for the ‘Close Gitmo’ rally was anemic, with only one fool donning an orange jumpsuit. An utter failure of a rally organized by Karen Porter and the CCPM.

In contrast, the Sheepdogs were in high spirits with numerous American Flags on display. I’m looking forward to the photos of this event.


Has The Worm Turned?

During a recent Sheepdog rally in West Chester, I spotted a sign held by Andrew Barrett, a CCPM supporter and West Chester University SDS organizer.

End Obama's War?

He is holding a sign stating ‘End Obama’s Wars’. This is an unusually bold display by a member of the Chester County peace Movement (CCPM). Their signs were sanitized after Obama’s election to display more generic anti-everything messages. Prior to the 2008 election, the signs had a more targeted message.

I’m surprised Andrew didn’t take the initiative to draw chalk outlines of bodies as he has done in the past his organization has done in the past.

What is the importance of this sign in the midst of a radical left wing peace group? What you are seeing is an SDS organizer coming out against Obama,  a good friend of Bill Ayers.  Ayers was the most influential leader of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

Whoa, the student turning on its master. Is this a tectonic shift in the political stance of the CCPM and the SDS?


A Patriotic Christmas


You never know when inspiration will find its way to you. The Sheepdogs of West Chester, Pa seem to be a magnet for such positive inspiration. A student at West Chester University, Bill Hanrahan, shared his thoughts of Christmas and our troops. He admits he’s not much of poet, but the truth of his words shine brightly. This is a must read for every American. I am delighted he shared his thoughts with the Sheepdog family and I’m proud to share these words with my dear readers:

A Patriotic Christmas
By: Bill Hanrahan

On this Christmas we thank the soldiers that fight
For without them we would not be here tonight
All of the brave men and women in uniform
From the Revolutionary War to the Desert Storm
And those who were deployed after the 9/11 attack
the young men and women fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq

America is just and good
Even if she is too often misunderstood
Our military brings liberty to oppressed people everywhere
and we have so much that we are willing to share
Our soldiers do much more than kill the bad guys
They go where people need help and answer their cries
To people in need they bring medicine and food
keeping human pain and suffering around the world subdued

But despite all of this America is still hated
“Down with America” it is too often stated
Enemies of freedom are always abound
But the United States military will never back down
From Adolph Hitler to Saddam Hussein
The U.S. military has brought an end to dictators’ evil reign
The United States has been the guardian of freedom for all
Just listen to Reagan demand that Mr. Gorbachev tear down that wall

Great people risked their sacred honor to sign
Our founding documents in which our values are enshrined
We hold these truths to be self evident
and we are proud of the country they represent
We believe in the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
And to no other political doctrine will we acquiesce

Thank God for America where we all live free
The land where we determine our own destiny
To all the soldiers that fought and died
Our hearts are filled with pride
We are honored that soldiers paid the price of freedom with their lives
So that some other American survives
Indeed, it seems unfair
that some give their lives so that others do not have to care

We are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights
These values have held true for countless nights
We take this freedom for granted everyday
Why think about it anyway?
Tonight we honor all who have served
For their hero status is well deserved
Thousands of American soldiers are not with their families this year
What if they don’t return home, their loved ones fear

The United States of America will succeed
Even if it means we have to bleed
Our cause is just
and victory is a must
For success we will pray
God bless the United States of America today


Any Given Saturday in West Chester

Due to many reasons, I haven’t participated in a Sheepdog rally in quite a while. Until I returned, I didn’t realize how much these rallies meant to me. Can you believe the rally recently passed its three year mark? It is simply impressive how far we have grown in that time. It seems like only yesterday when I showed up to see what the fuss was in West Chester. Indeed, it has been amazing journey to document, my friends. Take a walk down memory lane with this collection of photos from the rally over the years.

Those of you near West Chester who would like to participate, and believe me, it is well worth your time; we rally every Saturday at the corner of High and Market Streets in West Chester, Pa starting at 11 am and ending at Noon. Come join us as we spend an hour celebrating America.


God Speed Frank McDermott – Sheepdog and WW2 Veteran


Frank McDermott


Today I received heartbreaking news from Rich Davis informing us that a fellow Sheepdog and World War 2 Veteran, Frank McDermott, had suddenly passed away:

I have very tough and sad news to relay. Our WWII vet, Frank McDermott, passed away yesterday afternoon (Saturday 7/31) at the hospital. Frank was probably our most loyal and most beloved sheepdog. For over 2 years he never missed a rally, even on the coldest days, in freezing rain or wind, he would show up on his scooter and take his spot on the corner.

Frank loved the troops, past and present, and would often get misty-eyed talking about the ones that didn’t come home. He always had 2 American flags on his scooter and he loved to hold the bright yellow “God Bless Our Troops” sign. Last Saturday, 7/24, Frank was very upbeat, his surgery was a few days away and he was ready to face danger once again. His daughter, Mary Ann was at the rally and took a lot of pictures of her dad doing what he loved to do.

Despite not having his legs, we all looked at Frank as a giant man. He stood head and shoulders above most of us in so many ways. Always positive, always smiling and friendly to all who said hello. I can never remember Frank ever being in a bad mood. He was always so happy to be with us, and was a most humble man too. He was very gracious and grateful when a stranger would thank him for his service during WWII.

On the coldest days, I would say, “Frank are you sure you can be here today?” And his answer was sharp and clear and lively, “This is the least I can do for our boys.” He never complained about anything, ever. We talk about honor and dignity and quiet strength and Frank exemplified all those qualities every week for us. Humility was his trademark. Always good-natured. He truly loved his country and our rallies were a major part of his life.


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