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Tag Archive for ‘Twitter’

Photography Bits and Pieces


Instagram has recently released its largest update since last year. The new update includes:

  • A preview of the most recent photo on your camera roll.
  • Improved Camera Roll image selector (iPhone 5 only) for quick access to your last photograph.
  • Optional grid guide for live photos and a permanent grid guide for the scale & crop screen.
  • Speed and reliability improvements.
  • New Filter: Willow.

The above photo of Buster was created with the new Willow filter.  I like the new update as it refreshes the look of the app and adds more functionality.

Twitter is getting on the Instagram-like bandwagon with their latest mobile app update. The update add Aviary-powered photo filters. In addition, you can crop and apply an auto-enhance before tweeting out your photo masterpiece.

The cute video below explains how to use the new twitter photo tools:

One last item - composition matters!


Take time to look at the whole scene before snapping a photo and sharing it with the entire world.  The focal point of this photo is supposed to be the MaCallan 12year but I’m guessing that is not what you noticed first.


Let The Excuses Begin

Stacy McCain gets the gold star for his post title on the vote revelation in Waukesha county.

Wound + Salt = ‘Hey Liberals, How Are You Liking That Wisconsin Result’

So I took a look at what liberals are saying on Twitter regarding the newly discovered unreported votes in Wisconsin. You can actually see the inception of decades worth of conspiracy theories surrounding this election. @kar1211 lowers the bar on liberal class and still hasn’t reached rock bottom:



Follow Friday

Twitter addicts, I give you several reasons to continue your Twit addiction:

@BlondeSagacity, @rsmccain @melissatweets, @mikebates, @karlrove, @CalebHowe, @vodkapundit, @marathonpundit, @EdDriscoll, @frankjm, @mattmargolis, @jimmiebjr, @igster101, @DaveKralle, @PatDollard, @skye820


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Twitter Notes

Grab your champagne glass and party dress!

Today, I reached a Twitter milestone of 1000 followers!

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