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Running is my Drug of Choice

2012 in Review

Dear Nike,

Thank you for sending me a pair of FlyKnit running shoes this fall, I absolutely loved training with them. The colors are absolutely fabulous as well. I rock the shoes every time I wear them.

#First2Fly with Nike FlyKnit

With your gear and training support from Goals Fitness and Team Philly; I completed 4 half marathons, 1 Sprint Triathlon and the Philadelphia Marathon in 2012.   Working full time and training for these events took careful time management planning and a bucket load of desire to make this happen.  I’m not an elite athlete, yet I set improvement goals with each workout. That is the beauty of sport; there is an unending potential to become better than you were the day before.  Who wouldn’t want that?

All of what I have accomplished and what I will accomplish in the years to come will be through hard work and  proper training – no performance enhancers needed.  

I look forward to training with Nike gear and setting new records in my half marathon and marathon runs this year.  Now off to bed as I have an early morning fitness bootcamp class.

Happy Running!






Chasing 26.2 Update

An update in the chasing 26.2 saga:


The upcoming Philly marathon became  real today as I crossed a distance milestone. 16 miles is the furthest I’ve ran and the day could not have been more perfect.

Also, I’m still dealing with the vagaries of each distance training run. Last week was what I considered an easy 10 miles that turned into ten miles of pure misery. IT band issues have been plaguing me since Sept 14th and last Saturday’s training run was painful. Today, the issue was completely manageable and I felt strong the entire distance and would not have complained if I tacked on a couple more miles. Arghh…I’m just not good at predicting how well a run will go but at least I’m keeping up with the weekly and weekend mileage.

In other news, apparently the Triathlon bug has bit – I signed up for early registration for the 2013 Virgin Active London Triathlon.

 Basically, marathon training is my part time job :)




Navy SEAL widow swims the English Channel to honor the memory of fallen soldiers. Amy Looney, widow of Navy SEAL Brendan Looney. With support from the Travis Manion Foundation, a collection of military widows and combat veterans swam an English Channel relay in memory of lost loved ones. Heidi Fearon, an English Channel relay member, talks about how she is grateful for the challenge. This post resonates with my experience at my first Triathlon event when she writes of the benefits reaped from this challenge:

The rewards of the challenge for me personally have already been reaped. I am grateful; grateful for the challenge, grateful for the support of an awesome community, and grateful for the health to be a part of something like this. Life is pretty unbelievable, and I am grateful to CrossFit for allowing me to enjoy it to the fullest.



I’m going to Fitbloggin 2012 held in beautiful Baltimore, MD on September 20-23. Perfect timing as the previous weekend will see me complete the Rock&Roll Half Marathon in Philly. I’ll be fresh off my PR Half Marathon and ready to rock Fitbloggin 2012.  A fantastic runner and blogger, Erick Anderson, who blogs at The Sweet Life will also be attending this event – looking forward to saying hello!

Can’t wait to try out JumpSport Fitness:

Fit for the job – VP Candidate Paul Ryan

Source: en.wikipedia.org via John on Pinterest

The LA Times reports:

The Wisconsin congressman, who is 42, said during a March 2010 interview with Politico’s Mike Allen that he and Bart Stupak led a P90X workout every morning on Capitol Hill with about a dozen other House members, including House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield)


ICYMI – My 2012 SheROX Triathlon finisher medal in detail. I love the luminous area of this medal which I didn’t notice at first; what a cool suprise to discover this detail in the medal.

2012 SheROX Triathlon Finisher Medal


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2012 SheROX Triathlon Philly Recap



Indeed this is a year of firsts.

On Sunday, August 5th, I successfully completed my first Triathlon; the Toyota SheROX Sprint Triathlon. The event was held in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park, Martin Luther King Blvd at Black Road. The triathlon raises funds and awareness for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund via Team Hope.

This day was the culmination of months of training and I could not have asked for a better event. When I registered for the Triathlon, running was the only sport in which I had any competency.  As for cycling and swimming, I put both of these sports into the ‘Needs Improvement” category. Indeed, in order to safely complete this triathlon, I had to relearn the basics of swimming and cycling.

Not only did I have to build competency in swimming and cycling, I had to learn the vocabulary of triathlon – laps vs length, transition time, floating start, wetsuit legal, drafting, and so on.  It has been an amazing learning curve these past few months.

Two reasons why I signed up for this triathlon. 1. To add additional cross training to my running plan. I am scheduled to complete a full marathon in November and wanted add a solid cross training platform to my training. 2. I like a physical challenge and this event pushed that button. Little did I know what a world of work I stepped into with this challenge; yet  at the same time I’m quite proud of myself for sticking with the training and completing the Triathlon safely.

 Would I do this again? Absolutely and plan to PR as well.  If you are a woman looking to jump into triathlons, SheROX triathlons are a great place to start. Their mentor program gives guidance and crucial training to help make this event a positive experience. I signed up for the Mentor program and found it gave me quality information and skills to improve my swimming and cycling. Also, I was able to meet representatives from local Tri groups and now have a larger resource of training options. A win/win situation all around.

Combined time: 02:15:17 —-> Much room for improvement.

As I write this post,  I have not received any breakdown of the combined  time.



2012 SheROX Triathlon – UPDATE!


Photo credit: tompoe – flickr

From Runner to Triathlete in 2:15:17!

What a great day to be a triathlete. I want to thank all my running buddies and photo friends who took time out of their busy schedule to cheer me on during this event.  Your cheers kept me going and I will ever be grateful for your support today.

Yes, I did promise a race recap and one shall be posted tomorrow, tonight I want to savor my accomplishment.


The Calm Before the Triathlon

Tri gear is packed with bibs attached to the bike and running shirt. I’ve come so far in training and tomorrow I look forward to discovering how strong I am.



Repeat as necessary.


SheROX Triathlon Update – One Week Away

Transition gear

Had my last brick workout before the triathlon and FINALLY found a working relationship with the road bike. I found an easier way to release and attach the front tire and had no problems with failing derailleurs during the 10 mile ride. The run portion of the workout was quite strong past the ‘zombie legs’ stage. All in all it was a good workout and gave me hope for a good ride on the day of the triathlon.

At home, I practiced organizing my transition gear and practiced each transition to get the flow down. The photo above is my final transition set up. I decided not to use my clip on pedals during the bike portion as I’ve not practiced enough to be comfortable using them during a race.

Added a bottle and towel to rinse and quickly dry my feet/calves before donning my socks and shoes. My bike helmet and shades are arranged so I can don them without fumbling around to get the right side.  Added Yankz to my running shoes so I won’t need to tie laces before running. Of course, no race is complete without a hit of chocolate almond milk; also  it will settle my stomach after the swim portion of the race.

 So much planning goes into a triathlon. I’m rather proud of the work I’ve put in and the people I’ve met along this journey.  Stay tuned for last minute updates and a full race recap.


P.S. It is also 100 days till election day!!


Are You Ready For the London Olympic Games?

London 2012 is set to open the Games!

Just checked the schedule and the women’s Triathlon is set for August 4th – My first SheROX Sprint Triathlon is scheduled on August 5th. It is almost serendipitous how close these event are to one another.

I’m so excited to watch the opening ceremony – I’ll be checking my Twitter feed all day on Friday. What event or events are you looking forward to viewing during the Olympic Games?


Triathlon Training – Open Water Swim Clinic

Morning swim in Schuykill River - I survived.

This was my make or break clinic to decide if I really was going to go through with this triathlon. It has been a while since I have been in open water and I wanted to know if I could handle the conditions and the distance.

Honestly, I was facing a whole bucket-load of fears as I looked out over the calm Schuylkill River early Sunday morning at the Philadelphia Swim Club. The water looked as dark as my thoughts. Again I was questioning what I had gotten myself into, is this just too much of an athletic overreach as I train for the Philadelphia Marathon?

This open water clinic organized by the SheRox mentor program is designed to give participants a taste of the swimming conditions prior to the race. As I stood by chatting with new friends, I found most shared similar concerns about the swimming portion of the triathlon.

Participants were grouped by color swim caps and numbers. I was number 14 in the Yellow group, the first group to head off into the cool water. Great,  I thought, early in, early out.  We jumped in to tread water for two minutes before given the start signal.  The course was lined with lifeguards and mentors in kayaks to assist if needed. Two buoys designed to look like Elmo were placed a 200 meters?  apart. Our instructions were simple: Swim out, round the first buoy, swim to the second buoy, round it, then swim back to the starting area.

And..I totally sucked.  I was trampled by the swimmers at the start then could not catch my breath the entire distance. I had trouble keeping my head down while I stroked and found myself frequently flipping over to regroup. This was nothing like pool swimming and my experience in open water came from SCUBA diving.

The good news is now I know what bugs me about the open water swim and that I can make adjustments in water to keep myself going forward.  Not for one nanosecond did I panic, just was annoyed that I couldn’t get my stroke pattern down and catch my breath. It was not a pretty swim but I discovered I have what it takes to complete the swim portion of this event.

This was a definitely a ‘make’ event and I will go forward to complete my first sprint Triathlon.


Triathlon Training – What it Takes to Complete a Triathlon

Blissdom 2012

Whirlwind Week!

Seriously, the above photo is a great visual representation of this week. If I seem quiet on the interwebs this week here is a peek at what is going on this week – Sunday through Sunday.  Note: This is in addition to my typical 50 hour/week work schedule (40 hours + 10 hours commute time).

  • Triathlon Brick clinic Sunday
  • Goals Fitness Bootcamp – M/W/F
  • Triathlon Tips for Success – Monday night
  • Swimming clinic – Wed/Fri
  • Garden visit by judges from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Center – Thursday evening.  I’ve one shot to really impress the judges with my organic garden and sustainable practices – NO FREAKING PRESSURE!
  • Brick (potentially) on Saturday and a visit to my hair stylist.
  • Open water swim clinic – Sunday
Repeat till Triathlon race day.

I plan on safely completing a Sprint Triathlon. Accomplishing this goal means setting aside a big chunk of my life for training. I’m not complaining, the experience has been great so far and I’m happy with the progress I’ve made.

Remember –  there is no magic berry or mandate that can substitute the work required to complete a Triathlon or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You make it happen. 

Happy Training!

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