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2013 Philadelphia Rock & Roll Half Marathon Recap



2013 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon

Getting a bit excited about tomorrow’s half marathon in Pennypack Park famously titled 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon. The hottest race in town – literally. Mid June is hot time to run in Philly and so is July, August, September as well.

You can check out my race recap from last year to get a feel for this fun, local race.


A beautiful yet humid morning for a half marathon race in Pennypack Park.  This half marathon not meant to be a PR race as the hills on this course and a mile long trail run called Mount Cookoo will slow your pace.  The course has other features that make the event unique and fun.  I know of no other race where runners are serenaded  by “Uberhans”  the toughest accordian player in the U.S.  Oreo cookies at the finish line – yum! Also, who doesn’t like Bavarian food, beer and dancing post race?

2013 Half Sauer Half Kraut Half Marathon


The rains over the past few days made the trail extra muddy forcing me to walk carefully through mud puddles.  I am happy to report no falls or broken bones came from running this trail.  However, my running shoes collected a fair amount of mud during this run.  Earlier in the morning the were a pristine white with purple highlights.




This is a local race which raises funds to support Pennypack Park and HCM Foundation. The race course is set entirely within the bounds of Pennypack Park in a lollipop configuration.   You will start and finish at the same place. Those who have decided to run the Half Sauer Half Kraut Marathon will repeat this course twice.  I’ll never chose that option. FYI –  I’ve registered for the 2013 Philadelphia Marathon and with fingers crossed hope to get into the 2014 London Marathon.

Overall, this is a wonderfully well organized local race on a course that will challenge your running skills. I would definitely recommend the half marathon to intermediate to advanced runners.


2013 Broad Street Run Recap

IBX 2013 Broad Street Run finisher medal #forboston

Broad Street Run. This is my all time favorite 10 miler race. A straight and mostly downhill 10 mile race that bisects amazing neighborhoods of Philly on the way to the finish at the Navy Yard. The part are the spectators who line the entire 10 miles of this course.  They are out in force cheering on friends, family members and strangers as they run past. I’ve not encountered a similar level of spectator participation in any other race. I love that it is my home town that turns out for this event.

When the running gods smile upon you during this race it feels close to heaven. When they don’t, well, it is better than not running at all.



2013 Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler Recap

newiphonepics 285

Three weeks after the Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach, myself and fellow Team Philly runners traveled to Washington DC for the annual Cherry Blossom 10 mile run.  We all were excited about the possibility of running along  the tidal basin surrounded by blooming Cherry Trees as the National Park Service predicted peak bloom time would be race day.

They predicted wrong.



I Run DC – Have a Tiffany&Co Necklace To Prove It

NWM 2013 Finisher necklace #werundc

On Sunday April 28th, Washington DC played host to the inaugural Nike Women’s Half Marathon. For the past ten years, Nike has hosted this race in San Francisco. This is the first year this famous women’s race has been hosted on the east coast. My Team Philly running friends jumped at the chance to run this and had a great weekend and fabulous run. I even managed a modest PR/PB on this half marathon and is the natural result of what happens when you focus on more consistent training.

The race course is essentially the Cherry Blossom 10 mile plus an additional three point one miles tacked on to complete the half marathon distance.
Race Course Map



2013 Shamrock Anthem Half Marathon Recap

Shamrock Half Marathon adventure

The weekend of March 16 & 17th brought together 28,000 runners to Virginia Beach to participate in the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon and Anthem Half Marathon.   A very flat (check out the elevation profile) and fast course that winds along woodland, beachfront and finishing up on the boardwalk.  The Marathon is a Boston Qualifier and with such flat terrain this race would be a good choice for those taking on the challenge of qualifying for Boston.



Blogging and Running Update

April is fast coming to a close and I want to share a few updates and a rather interesting photo walk.

I had the opportunity to document the 24th annual Civil War reenactment held at Neshaminy Park in Bensalem, Pa. I brought two lenses, a 40mm f/2.8 and the 70-200mm f/4. Let me tell you that there is a lot to love with both lenses. This year the battle of Mine Run 1863 was chosen for reenactment. Sorry, I’ve not as yet Googled the information on this battle. If you happen to know, feel free to leave a history lesson in the comment section. I chatted with two women representing the widows of the Civil War and spent time checking out the medical tent discussing triage strategies with a civil war battlefield physician. Also took a long look at a photo collage of soldiers who survived the war with amputations or disfiguring facial injuries and wondered how they managed with their disabilities post war. I’ve a love/hate opinion of reenactments. They are an amazing source of quality information about a time or event in history, yet I can’t help but think reenactments over romanticize brutal events in our history. Just my 0.2 cents on the matter.

Now it is time to look at pretty pictures:

Army of the Potomac

The full set of photos:

I run here, I run there…

This weekend I am heading to Washington DC to participate in the inaugural Nike Women’s Half Marathon on Sunday April 28th. The following Sunday, May 5th, I am running the 2013 Broad Street 10 miler – a race I am so looking forward to completing. A few weeks later, on June 15th I’m registered to run the 2013 Half Sauer Half Kraut Half Marathon in Pennypack Park.  I sometimes wonder how I manage to keep smiling with all the training miles needed to maintain a fitness level to complete these distance runs. In addition, I’ve been dealing with a sudden case of foot numbness which will require orthotic inserts to (hopefully) correct this annoying issue.

On the blogging front – I still need to post race recaps for 2013 Yeungling Anthem Half Marathon, Virginia Beach and Cherry Blossom 10 miler in Washington, DC. I have all the photos and information read to go, I just need to finish the darn posts.

So, it is a bit busy at chez Tania at the moment; but I will work on keeping you all in the loop :)

Happy running, y’all!



Gathering of Eagles



Terrorist #2 – what’s his name – is now in custody due to the dogged tenacity of the Boston PD.  Well Done!




A Marathon Miracle

Many have seen this shocking video and wondered if the runner in the orange jersey was able to get help after he fell from the shockwave caused by the explosion.

The runner is Bill Iffrig, 78, from Lake Stevens and only feet away from completing his third Boston Marathon when the bomb exploded, knocking him to the ground. He was helped up by a BAA official and walked the few short feet to the finish line completing the marathon with only a gash on his knee. Of all the stories of the heroic actions that are pouring out; this one really shows the stuff runners are made of and why the bomber(s) have already lost.

Why does this story stand out among all the others?

Consider the following facts:

- This 78 year old man qualified and completed THREE Boston Marathons.
- He survived a bomb blast that happened feet away from him.
- After being knocked down from the blast, with help from a BAA official, he crossed the finish line.
- Not only did he finish this marathon, his finish time placed him 2nd in his age group.

Let these facts simmer in your mind while reading what Bill Iffrig had to say about his finish:

“I ended up second in my division,” he said. “After you’ve run 26 miles you’re not going to stop there.” His timing chip marked his finish at 4 hours, 3 minutes, 47 seconds.”

And that is the stuff runners are made of – we are stronger than any adversity that comes our way and are always moving forward.

The terrorist cowards who detonated the bombs yesterday thought they could break us with fear. Clearly they knew nothing about the heart and soul of the running community; yesterday’s violent act will only make us stronger. Game over, cowards, you lost.


Boston Marathon Bombing

Statement from the Boston Athletic Association
Monday, April 15, 2013
8:00 p.m. ET

The Boston Athletic Association extends its deepest sympathies to all those who were affected in any way by today’s events.

Today is a sad day for the City of Boston, for the running community, and for all those who were here to enjoy the 117th running of the Boston Marathon. What was intended to be a day of joy and celebration quickly became a day in which running a marathon was of little importance.

We can confirm that all of the remaining runners who were out on the course when the tragic events unfolded have been returned to a community meeting area.

At this time, runners’ bags in Boston which remain unclaimed may be picked up by runners presenting their bib number or proof of race participation on Berkeley Street, between St. James and Boylston. There are no bags at 101 Arlington Street.

At this time, we are cooperating with the City of Boston, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and all federal law enforcement officials.

We would like to thank the countless people from around the world who have reached out to support us today.

Please go to the B.A.A. Facebook page –
http://facebook.com/thebostonmarathon — for information.
We post new information as we are able.

Today three people, including an 8 year-old child, lost their lives and hundreds more wounded when two bombs detonated at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon. My entire heart goes out to the victims and their families. I cannot pretend to understand their loss.  I would like to acknowledge the bravery of average Americans who ran toward the bomb aftermath to help rescue those wounded and potentially reduced the number of casualties.

I’m going to hold off on speculation of what person or group is responsible for this vile attack while the story is still evolving.  Also, I’m not going to post graphic images showing bloody people and missing limbs that are floating around the internet.

My good blogging buddy, John Ruberry, has run the Boston Marathon three times and has posted his reflection on the attack today in Boston.  The Boston Marathon is the premier running event of the year. It is a  marathon in which runners are required to have run a previous marathon within a certain time frame set forth by Boston Marathon organizers.  You do not buy a bib for Boston, you earn it.  It sometimes takes years to achieve a BQ (Boston Qualifying) time in a marathon making the Boston Marathon even more irresistible to runners.   As of today, I’m no where near BQ  times, however, I have a plan to incrementally bring my half marathon and full marathon times within BQ striking distance this year.  Step by step I will get to Boston.

Whoever is responsible for this bloody attack picked the wrong group of people – runners are masters of perseverance and battling adversities; challenges only make us stronger. The fools who support this tragedy can laugh and cheer all they want, they don’t know that they have already lost.

In two weeks time, I’ll be in Washington, DC to run the inaugural Nike Women’s Half Marathon. The following Sunday I’m scheduled for Philly’s Broad Street 10 mile run where I hope to PR.

I am a runner, I will not let fear dictate my life and will continue to train and run distance runs until I can no longer run.  Bombers be damned.







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