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Tag Archive for ‘Product Review’

Vine – Brand New Twitter App for Video

What is Vine?

I came across a tweet on Thursday where Chris Brogan shared a link to 11 Things a Business Could Do with the New Vine App. Intrigued, I clicked the link and discovered a new free video app now supported by Twitter.

Vine app on Twitter

Dom Hofmann, GM and co-founder of Vine describes the app:

Posts on Vine are about abbreviation — the shortened form of something larger. They’re little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life. They’re quirky, and we think that’s part of what makes them so special.

Within the app the user has the ability to string together a series of six second videos, creating a brief and imaginative video loop. I’ve yet to discover the secret embed code for these brief videos, so click HERE to watch my Vine video. Since this is a newly released application, I’m certain this function will become available soon.

Creating the video was dead simple.  The app guides the user through your initial video and strings them together once you’ve finished. Note that the video clips do not have to be taken immediately following one another in order to create your story. The user can save the video to the camera roll or share it on Twitter and FaceBook.

Remember, what is shared cannot be retracted. So please think before your share a video.

What am I gonna do in 6 seconds?  I was asked this question from social media guru Jimmie Bise when I shared this video with him on Twitter.

The app immediately reminded me of 12second.tv which closed its doors in 2010.  It was a pioneer of sharing personal short video clips and I believe I used the service once then promptly abandoned it for lack of interest.  How is this app different? It allows a level of creativity by allowing the user to selectively capture video clips to create the story they are after. Each clip may be six seconds long but the user can link together a number of clips to create their video.  The brevity of the clips cuts down on distractions allowing the user can create a dynamic, get-to-the point video. Chris Brogan detailed several ways in which this app would be useful to users.

The simple interface, quick processing and social sharing make this an appealing video app for newbies and intermediate smartphone videographers. With the support and financial subsidizing of Twitter I suspect this app may witness more innovation and a longer shelf life then other video contenders.

Another free mobile video application you may want to explore is Viddy which is available for both Iphone and Droid fans. Users can shoot one fifteen second video clip on their mobile device then add filters, special effects and music to the clip before sharing their creation online.  Users have the ability to embed their videos within blog posts.

See my pretty video below:

Is Vine the video version of Instagram? Only time and user engagement will answer that question.

Viddy is a great alternative to Vine with a few more bells and whistles at its disposal.

Which app would I prefer? I like them both for different reasons and would use them accordingly.


Almond Milk and You – Chic, Sexy and Delicious

As readers may know, I’m currently immersed in training for the Philadelphia 2012 Marathon. An important aspect of training is building better eating habits. One such habit is replacing dairy milk with almond milk – preferably Silk Pure Almond Milk. As I write this post, I’m sipping on Starbucks Salt and Caramel chocolate milk mix with Silk Vanilla almond milk. Seriously, I think I’m in love.

Many have asked how do you milk an almond? Quite simple actually – almonds are blended with water to create Almond Milk. This makes a great base for flavors to be added such as vanilla or chocolate.

I’ve discovered almond milk has far more cosmopolitan uses than marathon training. The video below shows how almond milk is used in creating a signature cocktail called ‘Colorado Blossom’.

Chic, sexy and delicious. What more could you want in almond milk?


The Impact Equation Preview

Thanks so much to Chris Brogan and Julian Smith for sending me a review copy of their latest work ‘The Impact Equation”.

Look what arrived today! Thanks @chrisbrogan and @julien for a review copy of #Impact Equation :)

I’ve read the first few pages and have already found ideas relating to blogging and my career. Seriously, I can’t wait to read this book. I must make a mental note to restock highlighters and sticky notes.


Contest Entry – Blissdom 2013 Sponsorship via One2One Network

Are You Listening?

There are two things that make me smile – an upcoming Blissdom Conference and the chance to earn a sponsorship award to attend Blissdom 2013 with One2One Network. 

Why should I be so fortunate to be chosen by One2One Network for sponsorship to 2013 Blissdom Conference?

As a social media influencer who successfully crosswalks photography, running,  lifestyle, and political communities, I enjoy the ability to share information with a broad range of followers. For years I’ve been creating blog posts of product reviews. I have always been careful to provide my readership with an honest and accurate review of the product – including disclosures before disclosures were cool. My goal with product reviews is to provide high quality, useful information for prospective customers. When I discovered the One2One Network  at Blissdom Nashville, I found an organization that works with bloggers and brands to produce the same  high quality content. Hallelujah! It was like peanut butter meeting jelly for the first time – simply magic!

Invest in me.  Blissdom is a content rich conference that provides bloggers technical skills and empowerment to be better in blogging and in life.  I want to build upon what I’ve learned from Blissdom 2012 within social media to help people do better. Better in social media and in life. Sending me to Blissdom will put me in a position to increase my knowledge base and social media influence – making me a better helper and a better One2One member.

Quite frankly, if chosen I’ll be the best One2One network ambassador you’ve ever had :)


#Blissbox arrival!

Buster approves this blog post!



#First2Fly with Nike Flyknit Trainer+

#PicFrame #first2fly Thanks @NikeRunning - I'm ready to Fly!

Thanks to @NikeRunning,  I’m happy to test out the new line of Nike running shoes  - The Nike Flyknit Trainer.

What is all the talk about? I’ve included a video that explains the technology of the new Flyknit running shoes:

Marathon training with Team Philly is scheduled to begin next week and I plan to break in the running shoes and track my runs using my Nike+ Sportswatch.  I plan to post a detailed performance report for those interested in picking up a pair of these shoes.

Here I am rocking the Nike Free shoes and Nike+ Sportswatch post 2012 Broad Street Run where I was pleased to achieve 2 new PR’s for a 10K and 10 mile distance.


10 Miles, a Medal and 2 PR's


Fresh, Real and Local Taste Better!

I am so happy to discover Hellmann’s mission to transition to 100% cage free eggs in all of its products by 2020. This announcement was made in June at the most spectacular foodie event of the year –  the Aspen Food & Wine Classic.

The Food and Wine Classic brings together the who’s who of the culinary world making this a wonderfully tasteful event! Chef Tim Love and friends go behind the scenes of this mouth watering event in this YouTube video series:

Seriously, I want to go to this event next year and eat food…lots of food and hang out with Mario Batali.  Hellman’s is sponsoring a sweepstakes for a chance to win various prizes, including a Grand Prize trip to the 2013 Food and Wine Festival in Aspen. Just click HERE to enter the sweepstakes –  good luck!

Actually, I’ve noticed lately I’m hungry all the time. This might be due to the fact that I am training 6 days a week for the upcoming SheRox Triathlon.  Had in interesting open water swim clinic today…but I digress…back to food!

An important component to my training is a healthy and balanced food plan. I am asking my body to do extraordinary things this year (triathlon, marathon and half marathons) and food plays an important role in fueling my body to safely complete these races.  This simple truth is that I feel better, more energized for the day when I eat balanced meals (fat, protein and carbs) then eating a couple slices of pizza and cheese fries after skipping breakfast.

Yeah for Hellman’s for getting back to basics and keeping it real!

Hellmann's Mayo

On the Hellman’s website I found a great recipe for a Turkey and Avocado BLT.   I tend to use recipes as guides and modified this recipe with a Tania Twist based on what was readily available in my kitchen/garden.  Rarely do I follow a recipe word for word often times I create a dish from a mash up of two or more similar recipes. Life is short -twist it up a bit!

Pictured below are the ingredients used in my version of the BLT.

Onion flavored flat bread as the base. Swiss Cheese, Bacon and Maple smoked Turkey. Ivory cucumbers, Tomato, Romaine lettuce leaves, Chives, Oregano, and Thyme were harvested from my vegetable garden.

Keeping it Fresh, Local and Real with Hellmann's Mayo!

Cut bread into two pieces. Spread Hellman’s Mayonnaise on both slices of bread, mince the herbs and sprinkle them over the mayo. On one slice of bread layer the cheese, meats, sliced tomato, lettuce leaves and sliced cucumber then cover with second slice of bread. Optional: season with salt and pepper to taste.

Sorry, no photos of the completed sandwich due to the fact that I ate it. Seriously, I am one hungry girl!

Please note that by writing about the Hellman’s products, I am eligible for a prize drawing. The opinions expressed in this  post are purely my own. I’ve been using Hellman’s Mayonnaise in recipes long before I was a blogger and will continue to use this product in the years to come.



Check Out Bia – A GPS Sports Watch for Women

Always on the lookout for new fitness technology, I came across this Kickstarter project a few weeks ago. Two friends and athletes came up with a sports watch designed for women in training – much like myself.

Bia – A GPS Sports Watch for Women

This is watch you can use running, biking AND swimming. It includes a unique, or at least I’ve not seen this feature elsewhere, safety alert for peace of mind during solo workouts.  This concept and technology interests me as I am now fully immersed in multi-sport training.  Currently, I own two sport watches – one for running (Nike+) and one for cycling (Garmin 405cx).

Added features include:

  • Safety alert for peace of mind on solo workouts
  • Quick-connect GPS; no more time wasted “finding satellites”
  • Data to your online training log; no more time wasted “sync’ing”
  • iPod-like ease of use; just one button and a touchscreen
  • Water resistance to 100M; full GPS tracking when you swim

In order for this product to market, they need to raise $400,000 dollars by July 13th. If they come in short, even by 1 dollar, you won’t be billed for your pledge, but we also won’t get any funding. As a backer, you will be the first to have Bia on your wrist.

About the name ‘Bia’ – Bia is the greek goddess of force and power; she is also Nike’s younger sister.

Want to back this project? Click HERE



iPhone Photography: The Visual Guide

I am delighted to share with you the release of Alli Worthington’s visual guide to iPhone photography applications.

iPhone Photography: The Visual Guide



I spent the better part of Saturday afternoon reading this e-book. It is an easy, breezy read filled with great photos and how-to tips. This e-book covers a broad range of iPhoneography topics and gives the reader lots of food for thought. Although I have a bewildering collection of iPhone photo apps, I discovered one or two that I was not familiar with after reading this e-book. I love that I’m always building upon my knowledge base with photography and that there is always something new to discover with photography.

The e-book costs US $5 and for that price you get a guide that provides great foundational knowledge for new iPhone photographers and a plethora of new tips and apps for more experienced iPhoneographers.

This is inexpensive and useful tool to broaden your iPhoneography knowledge base. Android user? This guide would be useful for photographers using Android devices as well. The basics of photography covered in this e-book cross every platform. Also, some of the applications highlighted in this e-book have Android versions. IMHO, sometime in the near future most if not all apps will have both Apple and Android versions, similar to PC/Apple software versions.

For disclosure, Alli Worthington included a few of my iPhone photos in this e-book. Also, there is a link to this blog in acknowledgement section of this e-book. My opinion about this e-book is completely my own and not influenced by the above disclosure.

A running friend and newbie photographer, Trish, commented that I have so many photo apps for an iPhone user. Not sure about that, but I’ve decided to share with my readers the contents of my photography folders. Below the cut are screen caps of my iPhone photo app folders (4), I’ve used all the apps and can answer questions you may have about any of them.

Even with all the experience I have with using iPhone photography apps, I still found something new in iPhone Photography: The Visual Guide. This guide is an excellent reference tool and I highly recommend it for every Apple or Android photographers – newbie or experienced.




A Rose By Name – Tania Gail

What shall I name this rose?

What shall I name this rose?

During a recent visit to Longwood Garden, I came across this kit which allows people to name a unique rose and provides a seed pack to grow your new namesake.



Tack Sharp – A Flatbook Review

Tack Sharp - a delightful flatbook written by James Brandon where he shares insights on capturing tack sharp images using your digital dSLR.
A Little Fall of Rain Will Make the Flowers Grow
Finding the magic formula for tack sharp photos is always rumbling around in my head when I’m off on a photowalk and sometimes I get lucky. I love, love, love this guide for taking the randomness out of capturing tack sharp pictures.

James Brandon breaks down the science and technology required for taking these images in a way that is interesting to read with easy to digest information points. This guide should be required reading for new photographers or those looking to improve upon their skills.

The pdf format of this book saves a tree or two and makes this guide portable – I have it downloaded on my Kindle Fire allowing me access to the information when I’m out in the wilds of Southeastern Pennsylvania on a photowalk.

I personally refer to this guide often and highly recommend it to my photography-minded readers. Sold for $9.97, it is a great price for good quality photography information.

Full disclosure: I have created an affiliate account with Stuck in Customs and receive a small stipend for each flatbook sold through my affiliate link – the money is directly deposited in my ‘Saving for Canon EOS 5D Mark IIIpaypal account. If interested, click on the links below it will take you to the Flatbook site where you can purchase this book.

Click here to view more details

Flatbooks - Clever eBooks for the Curious Mind

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