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Tag Archive for ‘Media Bias’

Media Malpractice 2012 Election

I am a journolist

The comment pictured above ‘I am a journalist – I will take sides‘ was found on an ‘idea’ wall at the former site of Occupation Philly last November. As of this blog post, I’ve yet to determine which Philadelphia Inquirer employee left their note of solidarity with Occupation Philly.  Remember, these employees take pride in their fair and impartial reporting. Clearly, the charade has been uncovered and readers will need to seek out other independent news outlets **cough**MidnightBlue**cough**.

A recent Beltway Confidential report claims 19 journalists and media execs have signed on to TO 2012. Although no names are listed, I’m quite certain if names were listed they would match those uncovered in the Journolist scandal.  As a blogger, I’m legally required to add a disclosure statement to my product reviews to inform readers of any type of relationship I have regarding the product or sponsorship. I believe this is a good thing for my readers to know what influences (if any) are bearing on my reviews. In fact, I’ve been adding a disclosure to my reviews long before it became a legal necessity. I want to cultivate an environment of trust with my readers and I’m happy to make these disclosures.

What is troubling about the Beltway Confidential report is not that journalists are taking sides, they have been doing so for decades. The problem is the lack of transparency on the identity of these 19 individuals. They have essentially signed on to promote a product and should disclose any relationship they have with the DNC or TO2012 within the body of their work going forward. This is important, as every piece they produce in reference to the Presidential campaign is essentially advertising for TO2012.  The  public should be provided with disclosure statements from these individuals in order to make the informed decisions regarding the product – the presidential candidates. Without such transparency, it will be difficult for the average American to determine if the opinions expressed by these media employees  are independent thoughts or paid advertising.

Is their journalistic credibility not worth a moment of honesty in their work?


L’Affaire Newsweek

On June 1st 2010, RightWing News (RWN) published a compilation of 20 hot conservative women, to my delight, I was included among 20 accomplished and beautiful conservative women.

Within a few day of  this post on RWN,  Newsweek publishes a scathing rebuttal authored by a very male, very Caucasian staff journalist named David A Graham. While David racks up pixel space pondering the fine distinctions of the photos chosen to represent each woman; I was questioning why Newsweek and David A. Graham felt threatened by a cheeky, top 20 list of conservative women.

Sigh. Where to start.

Let us begin with the logic behind the author singling out Lori Ziganto’s blog ‘Snark and Boobs‘.

“…anyone who calls her blog Snark and Boobs knows she is trading on sex appeal.”

Snark and Boobs appropriately identifies the intent of a blog filled with biting posts about stupid people and stupid ideas in politics. Anyone who actually clicked on the link and read her blog clearly understands the intent of the title.
I’m glad John did not post a photo of me wearing a ‘Save the ta-ta’s‘ teeshirt. (Yes, I purchased one and so should all of you). According the author’s premise,  I would have been trading my sex appeal..for something. Unless I missed the author’s previous article harrumphing at the objectification of women wearing such teeshirts? In such case, I would be happy to link to the article.

One can rightfully question the sudden prudishness on display in this article? In case Newsweek and the author missed the memo – sex sells:

“That iPhone in your pocket? That’s for sex. As is pretty much everything you’ve ever bought, from the car you drive to the T shirt you wear — or so says evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller. From mating to marketing, Miller explores how everyday consumer choices subtly — and sometimes not so subtly — reveal society’s misguided attempts at projecting four central traits (intelligence, conscientiousness, openness, agreeableness) to attract sexual partner.”

“Save the ta-ta’s” – It certainly works for breast cancer research.

Getting back to the article, it is clear the author is uncomfortable with women who possess intelligence, a conservative CV, while maintaining wholesome appearance.  He assumes there should be offense taken by the ‘values’ crowd. Note he puts quotes around the word ‘values’  - in order to project a lack of belief in any sort of values by the author.

“The failure of the right-wing ‘values’ crowd to decry contests like this is bad for them – it undermines their standing to comment on gender – and, most important, bad for women.”

The author spends much time making nebulous statements about conservative women without clearly defining what would be an acceptable format for highlighting accomplished and beautiful women.

Every woman on the Top 20 list can be credited for amazing, ground breaking work in the conservative movement. I am truly honored to be included with these women. This is a list of women one can use to inspire the next generation of young women to succeed and the confidence to reject the feminist construct of perpetual victim-hood. Breaking free of the vicious cycle is good for women, not bad as the author would lead you to believe. Freedom will always trumps perpetual victim-hood.

While one cannot ignore there are beautiful women who subscribe to the liberal feminist construct, it cannot be ignored that there is little more than that. Look beyond the surface of these women and you will find very little of consequence and very much hate.  It is not surprising to me that the author spends a majority of this article smearing a group of beautiful, intelligent and capable conservative women and neglecting to promote a list of opposing women that he would find acceptable.

Dick Morris takes a look at the upsurge of conservative female candidates across the nation. It is a good indicator of the progress conservative women, like the 20 listed in RWN, have made to the political landscape:

The primaries of June 8, 2010 were historic in that they represented a sweep by women in states as diverse as California, Nevada, Arkansas, and South Carolina. The feminists of the 60s would be upset that most of the candidates nominated in this landslide were Republican and pro-life, but the upsurge of women cannot be denied.

In short, this is why Newsweek and journalists like David A. Graham found themselves in apoplectic fits since 2008, when Sarah Palin stepped on to the national stage.  Capable women of beauty and substance who do not conform to the feminist status quo must be stopped – at all costs.  If this post contains too complex ideas for the author to digest, I suggest a beer summit with the Ladies of the List – it could be a teachable moment for a liberal dude.


It sucks to be Newsweek these days..or should I call it NewsMax?

PS: Because I believe in transparency, unlike our current administration, below the cut is the original, uncut photo used for my portrait on RWN Top 20 Hottest Conservative Women in New Media:



Thank You, Helen Thomas!

Thanks for breaking down another barrier and allowing the entire world to briefly view the true decrepit nature of empowered female liberalism. This nation need more peeks into the nature of this beast. Those holding such views should be encouraged to do so openly, no more hiding behind false constructs of feminism or radicalism. If this country is truly wanting to push past racial and cultural barriers, we need to accept that there are racists and bigots hiding among us. Helen Thomas has truly broken the watershed of this ugly, and disguised bigotry. For this action, I applaud her.  I hope more will follow her lead and drop the mask and reveal their bigoted nature so our nation can move past them and become the shining city on the hill.

It has been said that the truth will set you free, indeed, just as Hearst Corporation set Helen Thomas free :)

Best yet, this controversy allowed a crack journalist, Tommy Christopher, to ask a real hardball question regarding Helen’s comments during a White House briefing. I almost thought he was going to beg for Helen’s former seat, but instead he asked a well rehearsed spur of the moment question to Robert Gibbs.

It was not so long ago when Obama was singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the elderly Thomas at the White House press room, now he won’t return her phone calls…


Karma, Baby, Karma – David Schuster Canned at MSNBC

While I’ve been busy digging in the good earth these past few days, David Schuster has been canned by MSNBC. I have four things to say on this matter:

@DavidSchuster 1.  You’re fired  2. For your public indiscretions on MSNBC  3. Ever wonder why more viewers watch the cartoon network than MSNBC? 4. Don’t let the door slam your a@@ on the way out.

Karma is a biatch.


Couric To Interview Obama Today

Via Atlas Shrugs and Politico

Softball interview of the month:

Katie Couric, who’s been in the news already today, will interview President Obama live during Sunday’s Super Bowl pre-game show, according to the network.

I wonder if she’ll ask him to list the magazines he reads?


MSNBC Gets It Wrong

H/T: Marathon Pundit

Meet Alexi Giannoulias:



Contessa Brewer Pwn’d By Teleprompter

MSNBC’s resident slut, Contessa Brewer, gets pwn’d by her teleprompter in this segment with Jesse Jackson:

Journalism at its finest.


Don’t Call Her A Classless Hack

That is way over the line, mister.

You can Brewer a slut, but dare to call her classless hack and she’ll shut off your mic!

H/T Flopping Aces

John Zeigler labels Brewer and msnbc as having less class than Sarah Palin in an interview and she responds by requestin on air for his microphone to be shut off.

H/T Newsbusters: Brewer recounts on Twitter:

# @JTlol Actually, I only asked them to cut the mic after I’d properly thanked the guest. I’d moved on. He was still talking.
about 2 hours ago from web in reply to JTlol

Yeah, I guess she also bristles at the labels honesty and integrity as well.


AP: Punked by Jamil?

AP: We stand behind our reporting.

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED



BG Abdul-Kareem, the Ministry of Interior Spokesman, went on the record today stating that Capt. Jamil Hussein is not a police officer. He explained the coordinations among MOI, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defense in attempting to track down these bodies and their joint conclusion was that this was unsubstantiated rumor.

He went on to name several other false sources that have been used recently and appealed to the media to document their news before reporting. He went into some detail about the impact of the press carrying propaganda for the enemies of Iraq and thanked “the friends” who have brought this to their attention.
AP did attend the press conference.

LT Dean
Michael B. Dean Lieutenant, U.S. Navy
MNC-I Joint Operations Center
Public Affairs Officer

Michelle Malkin requested and received a more detailed transcript of the weekly report of from Iraq’s Ministry of Interior:

Ministry of Interior Weekly Press Conference

Thursday, November 30, 2006
By Brig. Gen. Abdul Kareem Khalaf Al-Kenani
Ministry of Interior spokesman

Press conference synopsis:

1. Media, especially satellite news channels, must adhere to
responsible practices:

a. MOI is monitoring coverage, and will insist on corrections to
false reports.

b. Unnamed sources should not be used. Two recently named sources
do not work for MOI. Contact MOI PAO for official information.

c. Rumors are rampant, and media should be careful to check with
official sources about information to avoid spreading false rumors.

2. MOI succeeded in a number of operations against terrorists in

a. The Baghdad Sniper was apprehended, and information gained from
him led to the arrest of 30 others in his organization.

b. Two unauthorized “courts” that had issued death fatwas were
broken up.

c. A kidnapping cell, including one that raped a young girl, was


This press conference will cover MOI operations from Nov. 23 to 29, 2006.

Before we start the weekly briefing, I have some points to highlight and to remind the brothers that work in the media, especially the Satellite television Channels. We meant by this note to stress the ministry of interior’s intention that we believe in free press and truthful press, in order not to confuse what the free press presents and the misleading media show, where the latter’s intention is to make the situation in Iraq worse than what it is.

The press release issued by the ministry of interior has three main points: First, a warning to the satellite TV. Channels continue broadcasting false news, and based on that we have formed a special observation room to monitor these TV stations; the purpose of this unit is to determine the fabricated and false news that hurts and gives the Iraqis a wrong picture that the security situation is very bad, when the facts are totally different.

After the monitoring process, we will contact those TV stations by presenting them with the mistakes and errors they committed by broadcasting such false news, hoping they will correct these false reports on their main news programs. But if they do not change those lying, false stories, then we will seek legal action against them.

For example, we have some of the respected news outlets that deal with news fast and have a relation with many TV channels and the media in general, who distributed a story quoting a person called Jamil Hussein. Afterward, we searched our sources in our staff for anyone by this name– maybe he wore an MOI uniform and gave a different name to the reporter for money. And the second name used is Lt. Maythem.

However, all of you know that the ministry of interior has a large public affairs office and its official spokesman, and we are ready to answer any questions you may have. Therefore, you should contact MOI PAO for all your needs to get real, true news. Based on that, we strongly deny any relation with those two names. In order to serve you better and strengthen the relationship with MOI, do not take statements that have no meaning and do not represent any official. We would like this note to be helpful to you and any statement made by those persons to be ignored.

The second subject is rumors. The ministry received in a week more than 12 cases of claims, one stating 50 killed were there, 200 kidnapped here, 30 corpses found there etc. And when we dispatched our forces and investigators to the locations, we found nothing.

On this note, I would like to thank some of the brothers in the media who are cautious and take the extra step to make sure the news he gets is correct or not, by contacting the ministry to verify any news through us that they hear or receive. Not only (do we reply), but we also give them more detail than they expected, and we hope others will follow suit. Also, we ask our people, please do not take any news or give it credibility, except from a well-known source with a name and an address that is part of the security ministries, etc., such as a minister or police station commander. Or if it is from the MOD or MOI, the name of the officer, his rank, his unit, etc. It is not enough to say “a source from the ministry of interior.”

Doing otherwise, you will end up helping the spread of the rumors and make them reality, even thought it was a false rumor. This rumor business — if a large issue, it will take a long time to cover it, but the purpose of the rumors is to disrupt life and make the security apparatus busy with other things than its main tasks. We will end up following rumors instead of hunting terrorists and criminals.

The third subject is, this week the strikes we made against the al-Qaeda terrorist organization in Baghdad were many and very strong in Baghdad. Before my arrival to this press conference, I was informed that one of the three who were just captured or detained is Mazer Al-Jubouri, aka the Baghdad Sniper, and his group. He admitted many things that are very important and very dangerous and our forces used this information about his network and conducted raids in the past 24 hours and detained 30 terrorists.

Those terrorists executed several explosions in Palestine and Beirut streets, and the New Baghdad area. He also admitted that their base is in Diyala province, which supplied them with money, weapons and explosives. They are now under investigation and we think this cell or network has been dismantled.

This week also, we dismantled what are called “courts” in northern and southern Baghdad, and detained the two persons who issued fatwas to kill the people. Our force dismantled what is called the Omar network, this criminal network that used to exercise its criminal activities in southern Baghdad. And they admitted many things about other terrorist networks and our forces are pursuing them now, as well as other networks for kidnapping.

One of them, we regret, kidnapped a girl and used narcotics on her and raped this little innocent young girl. We captured those criminals and the little girl is receiving medical attention. This is not Iraqis’ culture. Just look how far down in debasement they have traveled. With regret, I told you that, because MOI activity does not hold in the media the position it deserves, and also to show the great sacrifice by MOI this week.

Curt has summarized the rebuttal from the AP as follows:

Typically they ignore the bigger point here. There is absolutely NO proof that this incident occured. They first told the world that four mosques were burnt to the ground and six men were burned alive. Then when they discovered (via Centcom and us bloggers) that four mosques were not burned, only one was and that one slightly, they changed the original story. They relied 3 sources who will not go on record, two that will. One of those has retracted his statement and the other (Jamil Hussein) has been shown to have lied about his employment.

The AP has no other evidence that this event occured.

I’d like to add the AP’s reply contained sneering remarks alluding to the legitimacy of the Iraqi Government. I find this to be the height of liberal arrogance:The AP breathlessly reprints quotes from its ‘sources’ without hesitiation – yet is quick to question and deride any findings by the Iraqi government. Hmmm…no bias here!


Not Seen on CNN……

CARACAS, Venezuela — Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans jammed a major highway intersection Saturday to show their support for presidential candidate Manuel Rosales, vowing to vote the incumbent Hugo Chavez out of office in Dec. 3 elections.

Shouting “Dare To Change!” and waving red, yellow and blue Venezuelan flags, marchers departed from various points in the city of 5 million and converged on the Francisco Fajardo Highway, where they danced to Venezuelan folk music booming from loudspeakers and chanted anti-Chavez slogans.

The crowd filled the highway and overpasses and extended far down several converging streets while Rosales spoke from a stage in the middle of the masses.

NOTE: BBC NEWS quantitfies the turn out of this march: “Tens of thousands of people have marched through the Venezuelan capital…”

Hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands…is this an example of the journalistic interpretation of the truth?

H/T: Flopping Aces

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