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Tag Archive for ‘Hurricane Sandy’

Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy

Ben Franklin Parkway

While New Jersey and New York City clean up and restore in the wake of Hurricane Sandy there are a few lessons that can be distilled and shared.

1. If in the path of a hurricane or any other type of super storm take the evacuation order seriously and evacuate. Your most valuable possessions are your life and the lives of your family and pets.

2. If you haven’t done so already, now would be a good time to organize a family plan in the event of a disaster. You can find information and download a pdf file to help organize your plan and information to share with family members. Don’t forget planning for your pets!

3. Major sporting events should be cancelled if scheduled to be held within a week at the site of a natural disaster event. The sooner the better – yeah I’m looking at you – Mayor Bloomberg.

4. Three things to stock up on PRIOR to any storm:  Water, Food, and Fuel for the automobile. Especially fuel or have fun waiting 6 hours in the fuel line.  Also, you might want to invest in a BioLite CampStove you can heat water and charge your cell phone at the same time. A good item to have for extended periods of power outage.

Have I missed anything? Let me know in the comments section.


How to Survive Hurricane Sandy

Stormy Weather

While I don’t live in a flood prone area of Philly, I’m still taking precautions in advance of weather events due to Hurricane Sandy. The most pressing concern in my section of Philly would be a power outage. This afternoon, I put together a power outage kit containing a dozen pillar candles, 100 tealight candles, 4 long lasting jar candles, three flashlights – two which glow in the dark and one solar powered, a case of bottled water, assorted batteries and matches. Tomorrow, I plan to sweep away the leaves and garden debris from the back patio and remove all planters and trellises into the garage.

I’m ready for Sandy’s wrath.

Philly OEM released this alert:

The City of Philadelphia is preparing, and asking residents to prepare for  major flooding and power outages in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy. A Flood Watch, Coastal Flood Watch and High Wind Watch is currently in effect beginning Sunday evening into Tuesday afternoon for the City of Philadelphia.  Heavy rain will begin Sunday and continue through Tuesday.  Between 4  -8  of rain is forecasted for Philadelphia. Significant localized and coastal flooding is anticipated for the city. Residents and businesses in low lying areas with a history of flooding during storms should prepare immediately.

Residents should call 311 for updates or to report issues.  The 311 Call Center has extended its normal operating hours and is currently operational 24/7 to help residents cope with the storm.

 The best bit of advice for any emergency is to stay calm and have a Plan.

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