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Chasing 26.2 – NYC Marathon Cancelled


Mizuno running shoes at Shofuso House

Sparkling clean running shoes – about a couple of hundred miles ago!

Relief was mixed with sadness when I head the news the 2012 NYC marathon was cancelled due to the wreckage left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. It was a foolish idea of the NYC Mayor to continue to support a marathon complete with food, fuel and beverages for the runners while newly homeless city residents scavenged for food in garbage dumpsters.

I can’t imagine the level of disappointment felt by the runners set to participate in this marathon. I know runners who were training in Philly for this marathon while raising funds for charity. It is just a mess in so many different ways. In a few short weeks, I along with my running buddies will to participate in the 2012 Philadelphia Marathon; a run I’ve been working towards for the past two years. The past 6 months have been on blur of training, half marathons and a triathlon all leading me to the Philadelphia Marathon. I would be completely devastated if the Philly Marathon was cancelled and my heart goes out to all the NYC Marathon runners tonight.

My good blogging friend, John Ruberry, is a veteran marathon with over 30 marathons completed including Boston. He blogged on his thoughts of Mayor Bloomberg’s insistence on going ahead with the marathon until he was shamed into cancelling the race.

In other running news, the organizers of the nation’s most popular 10 mile run – The Broad Street Run – announced the 2013 registration will be by lottery. This has caused sharp reaction both for and against this change. The 2012 Broad Street Run sold out within 4 hours on the first day of registration. Many runners complained of difficulty with online registration, others felt they were not given an equal chance to register due to the online registration problems.


Philly Marathon Training Update

My new part-time job :) #redefinepossible @NikeRunning

Good Friend ‘A’: “Hey, Tania, how are you?”

Me: “The same – sore, tired and hungry.”

Good Friend ‘A’: “Ah, marathon training going well then.”


Chasing 26.2 – When the Miles Pile On – Get a CamelBak

Source: rei.com via Tania on Pinterest


 As the my running distances increase, I’m finding that I need to re-evaluate all my running gear. I’m letting go of items I’ve grown out of and embracing new ideas and technology. One change I have made recently was a switch to a CamelBak hydration system during training runs. It is working out quite well and it is especially useful for long runs.

I’m am sooo a convert!  After putting up with fuel belts that would bounce and spin around my waist during training runs, I’m over the moon happy with my Women’s Aurora CamelBak.

Easier access to water and plenty of space to store essential running stuff, this CamelBak was perfect for an 18 mile run this past Saturday. I found myself sipping water more often and without the annoyance of  a plastic bottle popping off the belt. Seriously, this would happen at least once per run – ask my running buddies if you doubt my statement.

The CamelBak allows for 70 fluid oz of water. My fuel belt with both bottles filled holds up to 40 fluid oz. The bottles had a tendency to leak if the pop tops are not closed completely, rarely did I realize all 40 oz of water during a run. Two weeks ago, on mile 11 of a 13 mile run, I found myself out of water and unable to refill the bottles. I finished the run feeling dehydrated and grumpy. That was the last straw for the fuel belt and I switched to the CamelBak Aurora for the following run.

What about the weight and fit? I didn’t notice any difference in the weight of the water and running essentials while wearing the CamelBak and it fit perfectly with little movement during the run. It was freeing not to have a belt cinched around my waist during the run. My arms were able to naturally fall closer to my body without bumping against the water bottles at waist level.

The only thing I’m not sure about is where to house your iPod when running. I’ve stopped running with music preferring the company of my thoughts during a run.

So, to all seasoned and newbie runners, give the CamelBak serious consideration when looking into a running hydration system.

The makers of the CamelBak Aurora hydration system did not sponsor this post.


2012 Philadelphia Rock & Roll Half Marathon Recap

Heavy medal Philly style @runrocknroll

Finisher Medal – Philadelphia 2012

2012 Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half Marathon is run and done. This is the first distance run I’ve done with the Rock and Roll/Competitor group. I have read mixed reviews about this company and the races they organize, but I have to say they ran a well organized race in Philly.

My official chip time: 02:14:41. My goal was to beat my previous time and arrive at the finish line in 2 hours. That idea was crushed two days prior to the race. On Friday morning my IT band decided to flare up and cause excruciating knee pain. Walking was pure misery on Friday and steps were out of the question.  While I questioned whether I should run in this event, I started working out the knots in my quad with a foam roller and a little device called ‘The Stick”.  Saturday the knee started to feel better, but steps still bothered the knee. At the Expo, a ‘Stick’ sales rep used their product to work out the knots in my right quad and the knee felt remarkable better afterwards.

Sunday morning I awoke and walked up and down a flight of stairs and found no pain in my knee. If I felt any twinge of pain, I was prepared to stay home. I would not have been happy, but I have a marathon to complete this year and I need to stay injury free.

At 6:45 ish I met up with my Team Philly running friends to stretch and warm up before the race.  I find it is so much better to run with friends, especially Team Philly friends:

Running Trio - The world's greatest!

Trish, Moi and Pink at the start of the race.

The morning brought with it perfect running weather. The course started on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and wound its way through downtown Philly for four miles before turning back towards the Parkway and to ‘The Loop’ through Kelly Drive, crossing the Falls Bridge then looping back to the Parkway on MLK Drive. Live bands and cheer stations lined the entire route encouraging and invigorating the runners. My favorite – a little boy in a wheelchair cheering the passing runners with all his might. Seeing that little boy put into perspective how beautiful life can be – don’t waste a minute of it!  It is a flat and relatively fast course, no hills except for a tiny incline right at the end of the course. My advice to new runners –  just sprint up the incline and get it over with.

I’ve mixed feelings about my effort in this race. I felt capable of a faster pace per mile, yet did not want to push the knee as it did start twinging around 2.5 miles into the race. I’m happy my finish time did not fall beyond 2:14 but would have been ecstatic if the time were much closer to the 2 hour mark.  Patience, grasshopper, patience –  you will achieve your time goal.

After finishing the run, collecting a finishers medal it was time to eat, drink and be merry!  Seriously, the organizers feed the runners well post race. The registration may be a bit expensive but you get your money’s worth with the post race food.

If you have ever considered running a half marathon, Philly Rock and Roll Half Marathon is a great choice for beginners and advanced runners.


2012 Oddyssey Half Marathon Recap


Run and Done - 2012 Oddyssey Half Marathon

Today I completed the Oddyessy Half Marathon and earned my first half marathon finisher medal. I am grateful for the experience and to have shared it with running friends and family.

A recap will come shortly, right know I need rest and reflection. Check back later this weekend for my recap of this half marathon.

Still get chills when I call myself a half marathoner :)


Non official time – via Nike+ Sportswatch: 02:15:45 with average pace of 10’22″. To date, I’ve yet to be able to access my official time recorded by Oddyssey. Regardless, I’m quite happy with this time for several reasons. This was my first half marathon and I had no benchmark time to improve upon. When registering I selected a finish time of 2:30:00 – I came in 15 minutes ahead of my predicted time.  This result reveals achieving a sub 2 hour half marathon is well within my reach, as long as I continue to run and cross train appropriately.



Spirit of the Marathon

Since this is a taper week leading up to Saturday’s Oddyessy Half Marathon, I plan to write about why people run distance races like a half marathon or full marathon.

The best video I’ve seen that delves into the reasons why people run marathons is aptly titled - Spirit of the Marathon.

I strongly suggest you check out the full video on Hulu. It is made of complete awesomeness and well worth the time spent watching the video.


Boot Camp Philly Style

Early this morning I participated in my first ever Boot Camp fitness workout. Eight hardy souls met at Lloyd Hall at 6 am to start their day with an hour of cardio and strength training, but mostly we ran.  I’m signing up for the five week course that spans November into December.

For those considering joining  a ‘boot camp’ fitness group, let me share my thoughts on Day 1 of Boot Camp:

  • There is not set uniform to don, thankfully, as camouflage wreaks havoc on my complexion.  I suggest wearing running or gym attire and layer your clothing.  6am in October is quite chilly, but once you get warmed up you’ll want to remove the extra layers.
  • Bring water – you will need it during the course of the workout.
  • Running is an integral part of Boot Camp, embrace it and learn to love it.
  • I love Nike running shoes and clothing so much so that you can say I am a Nike Girl.  However,  the placement of a pocket on the derriere of women’s Nike Fit leggings is not really conducive to storing your car key comfortably, especially when you are going through a set of abdominal crunches on the ground- think before you store your key!
  • Bring a sense of humor. Imaging the comments around the water-cooler when share the awe of watching a sunrise light up the Parkway while doing a gazillion jumping jacks?
  • This type of group exercise is a huge calorie burner.  Conservatively, working out three times a week for one hour, you can burn 2,000 calories. HELLO! Certainly makes the running part feel all that much better.
  • This type of group exercise is meant for moderately fit individuals. That is not to say beginners can’t join, but I felt challenged by this workout and I’m in fairly good shape.
  • There is something inspiring about exercising outdoors, especially with Kelly Drive and the Philadelphia Art Museum as the backdrop. I was feeling all kinds of Rocky!

Before considering any type of workout, please see your primary care physician to discuss your state of health and the exercise options available.

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